Day 1

Breakfast: two eggs fried, half banana with almond butter, two chicken sausages.IMG_0058

Lunch: (al fresco!) Grilled peppers and onions, paleo meatballs, baked (microwaved) sweet potato, red peppers and guacamole.


Snack: Homemade Larabar times two (pistachios, dates, shredded coconut, vanilla)


Dinner: Cauliflower rice stirfry with peas and carrots


Dessert: sliced apple, almond butter and coconut oil melted together, shredded coconut and a glass of two buck chuck.


Second dessert: eatin’ this girl up…

PicMonkey Collage

I’m blogging because I miss it. Because I need it. Because I love it. Because I can.

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