Day 2

Ok, so I threw out a bunch of food photos to the world wide web yesterday.  Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.

PicMonkey Collage

I miss blogging so much. It was a part of who I am. For months I have thought about blogging again. I thought about all the life happenings that weren’t being recorded for history. We missed nearly two years of our lives. Blogging is important to me for several reasons. First: I love to write. Second: I have a sucky memory. Don’t ask me what we did for our anniversary last year, I’ll never remember…unless I can pull up and search the specific day and review in advance. Now, I can tell you. Well actually I can’t, because I didn’t blog last year.

I quit Vegan Faith because I was no longer vegan. And well, I didn’t enjoy writing about my faith very much. I was a wife. A mom. And yes, even a lover of Jesus Christ. But my writing didn’t represent my website. Or maybe my website didn’t represent my writing. So I felt like a poser, a fake, a wannabe. And I quit.

I also quit because I was busy. A toddler and a job. Harder than it sounds. A toddler and a newborn and no job? Well, harder than it sounds too, but I want to make room for this again. I want to make it happen. Because the days are long but the years are short. And I don’t want to miss another moment.


What you can look forward to here:

Documentation of my attempt at weight loss (thank you two beautiful children!). This will include daily food and exercise journals to help keep me accountable to my goals. [Lose 20]

Monthly kiddo updates. I loved doing this for Eleanor her first year of life and I want a place where I can capture all of Ruthie’s firsts and seconds and thirds. And I want to go back to writing about Eleanor’s developments as well. [Watch Me Grow]

Recaps of our family travels, adventures and mishaps. And everything in between. [My Tribe]


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