Accountability Works

We were hermits yesterday. It was cold and wet out and I had a lot of catch up around the house. We have also been battling more fits and potty accidents than usual (Eleanor, not me) so it was all a good excuse to stay home.

Breakfast: Chia pudding. The night before I blended one cup cashew milk, one banana, two tablespoons chia seeds, one tablespoon almond butter and some coconut shreds. The coconut was actually a bad idea. I didn’t like the texture blended with the other ingredients. If I did it again I would top the pudding with coconut and almond butter instead of mixing in.


My breakfast date today:

And the obligatory cup of coffee x2:


A splash of cashew milk makes it lighter.

Yesterday this one turned two months old! Every day we see her personality shine just a little brighter!


In the morning I gave the girls a bath, Eleanor and I did her bible study, we read books, and then I caved to let her watch a movie while Ruthie napped. In the meantime I got six loads of laundry done, dishes, vacuum, beds made, etc., etc.

We stopped for an early lunch. I piled on the veggies: romaine, red pepper and purple carrot mixed together in a vinaigrette, topped with a chicken burger from Trader Joe’s and heaping scoop of guacamole.


Not long after, I consumed my lunch dessert, homemade laraballs x2 (recycled photo)


And then before dinner I needed a little something to hold me over, so I polished off the leftover cauliflower rice from the day before.


And finally…the main event: spaghetti squash noodles with meatballs.


Somewhere around dinner time I started toying with the idea of making it to the gym that night. I typically hate working out at night. And I really hate leaving the house after dinner, especially in the cold and rain. But the idea of escaping for a couple hours and the luxury of having Alex home last night encouraged me.  I arrived and walked up the stairs to Studio A and paced around a bit.  I seriously considered turning around and heading home. Why does it feel like just getting to the gym is the workout? Finally I worked up the courage to walk in and set up my station. I can’t say the hour flew by, but I’m glad I did it. A total strength class that worked all of my muscles. I’m hoping I won’t be too sore to lift my babies today!


Of course when I arrived home I was famished.  After rocking a toddler for almost an hour and coaxing her back to bed (what is her deal lately?) and nursing the infant I finally put together my favorite snack as of late: fruit, almond butter, coconut and pistachios. Last night’s fruit of choice: pear.

Then bed…and finally sleep.

I will admit, this blog is already working it’s magic. I’m pretty sure if it weren’t for the commitment to expose all my eats and workouts I most certainly would not have made it to the gym.  One of these babies might have also worked it’s way into my diet…


But I resisted temptation. Thanks for holding me accountable!

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