Weekend Goodies

So far I really think this “weekends off” approach is going to work well for my diet. For starters, it allowed for a break in all the food pictures. It can be cumbersome and even a little awkward when dining with family or friends. Although breaking the habit is also sort of difficult.


Breakfast. Seriously learned my lesson about not having enough food in the house. When Saturday’s breakfast is a piece of buttered toast and two pieces of chicken sausage, you know you need more groceries!

We had a great weekend, enjoying time with Vovvy and Ron Ron (Alex’s mom and stepdad). We hit up the farmer’s market and then Trader Joe’s for our grocery haul. And then ate a delicious lunch at Moe’s.


My girls really love their grandparents and I couldn’t take enough photos on my new iPhone.

PicMonkey Collage 2

Saturday evening we headed to my best friend Melisa’s for dinner. Den cooked venison steaks and sloppy joe’s. While the boys watched basketball, the girls had a PJ and movie party upstairs complete with popcorn.


Eleanor really enjoys time with friends. Her new thing is to walk to the front door and try to open it claiming she is leaving to visit her friends. It is precious and I make sure she gets plenty of time with them. However, actually playing with friends is a challenge. Two is a hard age. She loves her friends but doesn’t understand well the concept of sharing or playing together. It’s better now than even a few months ago, but still extremely challenging. I think being two must be very hard. There is so much to learn. Navigating life isn’t always easy.

Sunday she got more time with friends. First at church and then at dinner at our besties’ house. They just built a new playground and we had to go help break it in.


This weekend I did zero workouts. We had gorgeous weather and I had a goal to get out on my bike or out for a run. But social time with friends won out. I’m disappointed I didn’t make it a higher priority, but am ok with my choices.

Overall this week I am very happy with the changes I have made. My diet is satisfying my incredible breastfeeding hunger and I feel good about what I am eating. I made it to the gym twice this week for workouts (three times if you include taking Eleanor to the pool). I didn’t hit all of my goals but am feeling more confident and strong already just having made these changes. The goal will be to maintain healthy eating and workouts while not overwhelming myself with the pressure to do so. And this week was a great example of that.

PicMonkey Collage

So now we are off on another week. Let’s get to it!

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