Cooking Salmon

My day usually begins on a bright note. My sweet Eleanor is usually so excited to jump out of bed in the morning. And equally excited for her breakfast. Most days I try to be up before her so I have time to cook her breakfast before she is awake. This curtails endless questions about eating if I can just plop her straight into her high chair with a bowl of oatmeal first thing. It’s funny because her immediate desire for breakfast- and the annoying pestering that it causes- drives me nuts, yet I perpetuate it by having it ready the minute she is awake.

However, that is exactly how today began, with sweet smiles and her usual bowl of oatmeal. I had a repeat of last week’s chia pudding, but this time I opted to top it with the almond butter instead of mixing it in.


We headed off for the gym and I attended a 30 minute insanity class with my friend Chrissy. Since my first official “weigh-in” was last Monday (see my Lose 20 page) prior to the same class, I decided to check my weight again and see if last week’s changes made any impact. Official weight: 145.2. I was originally excited, and then a little disappointed, and then excited again and now I’m just good with it. The thing is, I should be excited to lose a pound a week. It is a very healthy, manageable and sustainable goal. However, breastfeeding gives me this super confidence that I will just drop pounds instantly the minute I start eating better. After my first pregnancy I hardly blinked and the weight was gone. This time it is taking a bit more work. I am still about four pounds above my pre-Ruthie pregnancy weight, and about 13 pounds above my pre-Eleanor pregnancy weight. (Thanks to some gained weight after I quit nursing but before getting pregnant again.) I am beginning to realize that this time it may be a slower process and require taking care of myself better.

Directly after my workout I gobbled up a homemade laraball. This week’s flavor: dates, cashews and vanilla. I used Trader Joe’s vanilla and it is so strong and delicious. The laraball tastes like vanilla ice cream!

After the gym we relaxed around the house. I cuddled a sleeping baby and allowed Eleanor to watch a movie before lunch.

Lunch: Small salad made with Trader Joe’s cruciferous veggie mix and tuna and avocado plus half an apple with un-pictured almond butter.


My afternoon snack included these Trader Joe’s goodies:


And later I snacked on a few pieces from a rotisserie chicken. I snapped and uploaded a photo but it did not look appetizing at all, so I will spare you.

This evening we enjoyed the sunshine and breeze at the park. This girl loves to swing, but did not enjoy our walk at all.

PicMonkey Collage

We keep telling ourselves it’s just a phase and we try not to over analyze the cause of her terrible attitude lately, but this is truly the happiest I have seen her in days, and it only lasted as long as the swinging.

While Eleanor ate her dinner and took a bath I was busy preparing our dinner. This is the first time I have ever cooked salmon and it turned out irresistible!


I wrapped the salmon (skin down) in parchment paper with lemon juice, lemon slices, and butter. We baked it for 20 minutes on 400 degrees. It was eaten alongside roasted Brussels sprouts and purple sweet potatoes, and served with a shared Guinness Blonde. I love this beer but ended up giving Alex most of mine. Just wasn’t feeling it tonight. I feel awfully dehydrated from the weekend or maybe from this morning’s sweat session.

Evening snack: another delicious laraball with a handful of almonds.


Most people despise Mondays, but they tend to be pretty great around here. Alex doesn’t work nights on Mondays and it is a treat to have him home all evening. Tuesdays are the days I dread. They always feel the longest.

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