Dinner Winner

What I Ate Wednesday

Eleanor likes to wake up in the morning and crawl herself out of bed. Twice already this week she has surprised us awake by with standing at our bedside. This morning she tapped twice on the mattress and my eyes shot wide open.

“Whatcha doin’ mom?” Oh, you know, just sleeping. I am grateful at least that it was 7:30am and not a crazy obscene hour in the morning when this happened.

Ruthie also woke up at the same exact time and demanded to be fed first. When Eleanor asked to eat I jokingly told her to go grab her own breakfast. She came back with the bag of Trader Joe’s plantain chips and together we devoured them in bed before I even got up. Thanks for breakfast in bed E!

breakfast in bed

After nursing Ruthie, assembling Eleanor’s real breakfast and picking up around the house to prepare for our morning playdate I finally managed to scramble a few eggs for my breakfast. And coffee of course.

Trader Joe's Chocolate Croissant

Later I ate one of those delicious chocolate croissants. It was a frozen item at Trader Joe’s that I just couldn’t resist and I served it as a fun treat while playing with this handsome boy:


Our good friends Kelly and Elliot came over this morning and we got to celebrate their pregnancy news in person! Elliot was so great with Ruthie, I think he will make an excellent big brother!

After Kelly and Elliot took off and I got the girls down to sleep I whipped up a very quick lunch.

purple sweet potato roasted

Rotisserie chicken and those veggies times two. Throughout the afternoon I snacked on a ton of sweet potato chips fresh out of the oven while I prepared dinner.

sweet potato crust quiche

I feel like I have hit the dinner jackpot lately. Two nights in a row I have tried new recipes and both have turned out delectable! This sweet potato crust quiche was amazing. I made a few modifications to the original recipe, omitting all cheese except the goat cheese. We also used a local, flavored goat cheese that really sung in this dish. We ate the quiche early so we could have dinner with Alex before he left for work. I had the piece pictured above times two.

As Alex headed to work I also headed to the gym to check the girls into childwatch and take off on my bike for an hour. It was a much needed stress reliever today. While we have been hitting the dinner jackpot, many other things in our life feel a little chaotic right now. Getting out in the fresh spring air on my bike is a great way to gain some perspective. I felt reenergized when I returned to get the girls. Thank goodness too, Ruthie was crying for milk and Eleanor had just had a potty accident when I returned. Deep breaths. And go.

mommy daughter

We hit the store on our way home and Eleanor and I tackled a bag of grapes. Once at home and once the girls were in bed I savored every bite of my favorite snack: apples with peanut butter and coconut oil melted together, topped with chopped nuts.

snack attack

And the last drop of two buck chuck.

I’m still hungry so there may be more to come. Once Al gets home, maybe we will sip another glass of wine together. I will try to refrain from digging into the pint of ice cream I just bought him at the store. I’m trying to remember my goals and stick to them. Maybe I’ll go after a homemade laraball instead.

***edited to add, I skipped on the glass of wine (too tired) and ate laraball and several handfuls of almonds before finally satiating my hunger!

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