Hump Day

We are over the hump now, but boy I sure felt it yesterday! While Mondays are usually great days, and Tuesdays are ok, Wednesdays truly are the hardest. Usually Alex works evenings on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and the back-to-back shifts wears on me.

Before we jump right in to yesterday’s eats…welcome any new visitors that decided to stick around for another day. Thanks for checking me out and a huge thanks to Jenn for hosting What I Ate Wednesdays. I am a long time blogger, but took a hiatus and just jumped back into it. I am setting new goals and using this space for accountability, as well as photo sharing the bazillion pictures of my precious girls.

wild child

Yesterday was a rush out the door kind of morning. I scarfed down my breakfast before remembering to grab a photo.  No big deal it was just a repeat of two days ago: chia pudding.


I had a dentist appointment in the morning (no cavities!) and a few other errands to run. I took Ruthie along for the ride but left Eleanor with a friend. Ruthie was a great companion all morning.


After my errands I snacked on a laraball at home while I heated up leftovers for lunch. This quiche was amazing, even the next day.

sweet potato crust quiche

And afternoon snacks included all these almonds plus more Trader Joe’s plantain chips and tahini sauce.


I took Eleanor swimming again tonight. I am trying to get her in the water more before we start swim lessons (maybe soon?) I debated between using the time at the gym to workout or swim with her and swimming won out. It was fun to spend some time with just her and let Ruthie be loved on by the child watch staff.

Dinner may not look very great, but it was. Trader Joe’s again to the rescue. I sauteed their Asian vegetable mix with their Thai Red Curry Sauce and added rotisserie chicken.  Alex and Eleanor had their’s with rice. It was spicy but even Eleanor ate her veggies!

Trader Joe's Thai Red Curry Sauce

And for dessert, the usual sip of wine and a new treat:

Goat Cheese Truffles

They are pretty delectable. I ate just one (so far!). It has a delicious, tangy-sweetness to it. Maybe not an all-the-time treat, but fun for an occasion. My occasion just happens to be a Wednesday evening on a particular day when I have felt more desperate than housewife.

I followed up the goat cheese truffle with a chocolate mug cake made with just coconut flour, cocoa powder, egg, maple syrup, vanilla and baking powder. It was actually quite delicious and I topped it with a scoop of coconut cream for frosting. It made up for my light dinner and was just what I needed to fill up before bed.

Thursday is already shaping up to be a better day…76 degrees and no rain, and Alex doesn’t have to work tomorrow night! Maybe I’ll get out on the bike again or attempt a run!

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