Bad Nights

Thursday started off fast. I got way behind on my food photos, but had no problem snapping plenty of my cute children. So bare with me while I describe most of my meals but use kid pics liberally today.

Breakfast: unpictured laraball and banana. We were up and out of the house in a flash so I could make it to an 8:30am Insanity class. Well worth the rush, but man it wiped me out. Monday’s classes are always 30 minutes long and this one was 50! I made it through and felt so great after.

In the afternoon Eleanor didn’t nap at all but this one slept for nearly four solid hours!


I made my lunch as giant as possible.  I was famished from the morning.

chicken salad

In the salad: Trader Joe’s Crunchy Cruciferous Mix with a whole small avocado, chicken and Garlic Expressions dressing.

Following lunch I ate plantain chips and tahini dip. I polished off all that was left.

While Ruthie kept sleeping, Eleanor and I played outside. I made a fun treat for us but she didn’t like it at all.

homemade frosty

I found this homemade frosty recipe on Pinterest and it was chocolately goodness!

I have been eating a lot of healthy treats lately (chocolate mug cake, chocolate frosty) and I do think I need to choose my afternoon  or evening snacks a little wiser. I’ve just been so hungry lately, and it’s nice to have something sweet and satisfying!

The weather was cloudy and breezy but really warm yesterday so when Alex got home from work we took the girls to the park.


And then quickly threw dinner together when we got home.

taco salad

My friends Melisa and Den sent me home with venison the other night. I browned some with taco seasoning to top my taco salad.  Alex had Trader Joe’s Soy Chorizo (which I also love) and Eleanor had a little of both.  That’s how you do paleo and vegetarian in the same house! This salad is topped with goat cheese cheddar also found at Trader Joe’s (our new favorite- can you tell!)

I actually kept dessert light with just one goat cheese truffle and another couple sips of wine. (recycled photo)

Chevre Truffle

I put myself to bed early last night (8:40pm!). I was feeling extra exhausted yesterday and was all proud of myself for actually going to bed early.  And then the STORM hit. What a night we had with both girls.  I know I have been complaining an awful lot about Eleanor and her behavior lately, but it reached a new crazy last night. I smile when the child watch ladies all tell me how wonderful and sweet she is. And I know that it is all true and that she is still my brilliant and sparkly little girl.  But I am seeing more of another side of her lately and it is exhausting. Lately she is really fighting bed time or nap time. We took advice from the book How to Talk so Kids Will Listen… and it really worked last night. When she began to throw her typical fit, I calmly kneeled down and gave a name to her feelings. You are upset that it is bed time. You are frustrated because you can’t stay up and watch a movie. It is disappointing that the fun has to end and it is time for bed. Then I played fantasy. I wish you didn’t have to go to bed. I wish we could stay up and play some more. 

Low and behold this method worked. And she calmly walked back to bed and got in.  But at some point over the next hour she woke up again and started crying. She was so tired (no nap) and could not be reasonably consoled. We tried everything. We went up and down and up and down for hours. Eventually we let her in our room and laid her mattress on the floor. We offered her to sleep in our bed with us. The girl just wouldn’t go to sleep. She just sat up and played!

Finally, at nearly 2am, we had both had enough and stuck her in the pack n’ play in her room so she couldn’t get out. And we let her cry it out.  After nearly 30 LONG minutes she was asleep. Phew!

I mentioned Ruthie was a handful last night too. We were up nearly every two hours nursing. Typically she will sleep one long stretch between 7pm and 1am. But even during those hours she was up every two hours. It would seem that once I got Eleanor somewhat settled, it was time to nurse Ruthie again. And once she was done nursing, Eleanor was up crying again. I’m exhausted just thinking about it.

But you know what, I’m not crazy, super tired this morning. I can see straight (that’s a plus) and maybe I have just an ounce of patience left for today. I am relying on the words from my sister in law, Karina, today. God will give me the amount of sleep that I need for the next day. Today I’m relying on God. And playgroup. And coffee. And smiles.


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