Saturday Morning

Good morning! The sun is shining. I’m hanging out in my bed with the girls. My children totally redeemed themselves last night. Eleanor went to bed without a fight and slept peacefully through the night. And Ruthie didn’t wake up until 4am for her first feeding! What did I do to deserve such an amazing night?! We won’t question it.

Let’s quickly recap Friday’s eats and then get to the weekend!

eggs and baconEggs and bacon at playgroup. And all the coffee. Playgroup literally saved my life yesterday. After almost no sleep, hanging out with my best friends and letting Eleanor run around and play was just what I needed.

banana soft serve

We were celebrating Ashley’s birthday yesterday so we planned an ice cream party at playgroup. I brought frozen bananas and whipped up banana soft serve so I wouldn’t derail from healthy eating. I gave myself a pat on the back for this one.

Trader Joe's Crunchy Cruciferous Mix

Lunch was another huge salad with avocado and tuna. And several handfuls of almonds.


When we all woke up from our naps (all of us, including me!) Eleanor and I shared an apple with our own cups of almond butter. It’s one of our favorite snacks and I enjoy sharing with her. She clearly doesn’t enjoy it as much as me as told by her face above. (She actually doesn’t enjoy having her photo taken directly after nap time.)

At dinner we continued to celebrate my friend Ashley and ate at her house. I left my phone at home so I will just have to describe the meal for you. I made a burger patty out of the rest of the venison from Den. Ashley chopped a little bacon fat to help hold it together and I ate my patty over a large green salad with greek dressing. I also had a baked potato on the side with a little butter and lots of salt.

At home I snagged a Girl Scout Cookie from the freezer (weekends off!!) and then put together a chocolate mug cake topped with coconut cream.


mug cake

And I must also confess to eating a bunch of almonds in the middle of the night. After I nursed Ru at four, I was famished and sat up and ate for a bit before tossing and turning back to sleep.

And that’s a wrap. Another week in the books. I’m still feeling great about my eating choices. And I also feel great that I made it to the gym for two Insanity classes this week plus a bike ride outside. I had hopes for a run this morning but am happy to just hang with my girls and take it slow until Alex gets off work. Maybe I will get out later, or maybe I’ll just enjoy the weekend with my family.

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