Things I Ate This Weekend

We enjoyed sunny but chilly temps all weekend. We also enjoyed lots of social time with friends. Dinner for Ashley’s birthday Friday, ice cream cake with the Hoffman’s to celebrate their birthdays on Saturday, and church and an early Easter with Alex’s mom and step dad Sunday. We were busy, and so my only workout was toting around a car seat and a toddler all weekend (it counts!)

“Weekends Off” dieting is a treat. I can get together and be social with everyone without being weird about food. So far, my real life friends really have no idea that I’m making big changes to my diet and exercise. I like the anonymity. In my past I would become so obsessed with my plans that it was all I thought or talked about. Having this space as an outlet helps me balance it all.

I didn’t photograph everything I had this weekend. But I did grab a few discreet photos:

Fuel while out shopping.


Dinner Saturday night: zucchini noodles with cauliflower “alfredo” sauce.


Ice cream cake!


Breakfast Sunday: scrambled eggs and a delicious scone from Great Harvest Bread.

Great Harvest

Our early Easter meal, tilapia with all the Mexican fixins’.


We stocked up on groceries for the week at Trader Joe’s again. And a quick trip to Whole Foods for rotisserie chicken. 

I have to admit, even the few treats I had this weekend has left me with a major sweet tooth and a desire to get back to healthy eating tomorrow. Problematic because our house is now stocked with candy from our Easter celebration yesterday. Stepping on the scale tomorrow morning will be my motivation to stick to my goals.


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