Lean In

Our usual Monday morning plans were thwarted yesterday. Instead of the gym and my weekly weigh-in, I got some extra play time with the girls at home.


My weekend included an abundance of delicious food and treats, many of them not falling within the boundaries of my plan. But I went for it and made sure to enjoy every bite. I was not surprised when I stepped on the scale at the doctor’s office yesterday to read the same numbers as last week: 145. It gave me the motivation I needed to hit the reset button. It wasn’t easy. I had already missed my scheduled workout, and we had pizza on the menu as a make up for not eating it on Sunday. But my plan yesterday was to lean in and do my absolute best.

Monday MealsBreakfast: two eggs and raspberries (7:30am)

Morning snack: 1/2 apple and almond butter (10:30am)

Lunch: spinach salad with rotisserie chicken and salsa (2pm)

Dinner: two slices veggie pizza, no cheese, from Papa Murphy’s (6:30pm)

Other snacks: plantain chips and all the coffee.

IMG_0168I did manage to cut back on snacking yesterday by keeping busy and eating fulfilling meals. I believe my tendency to snack could be the culprit in my diet (other than my crazy weekend off). Wine every night of the week probably isn’t helping either, so last night I opted for a cup of decaf instead. Overall my day was not very paleo, but it was a start for the week.

And I did manage to squeeze in a workout too! I convinced Alex to go on a run with me in the afternoon. We covered a 5k distance while the girls played happily in childwatch. We may need to make this a Monday ritual because it was so invigorating. Alex and I haven’t run together in ages and it gave us time to enjoy one another without the girls and to catch up on our days.

How was your Monday? Do you find the need to hit the reset button each week?

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