Ruthie Jeanne Two Months

Ruthie Jeanne Two Months

Look who is two months (and 11 days) old! I’m a little behind obviously. Story of my life these last two months. But this post is not about me (thankfully). Let’s talk about my sweet daughter Ruthie Jeanne.

She graced us with her presence three days after her due date (but 13 days after I had hoped), but she hasn’t been late since. She was early to the party where developments are concerned. This month she rolled over, not just as a fluke but many, many times! She has also started smiling these giant open mouthed grins all the time. And once or twice we think we have even caught her laughing! To compare, Eleanor was three or four months old when she reached these milestones.

Ruthie is sweet, beautiful and predictable. And yet I’m surprised by her all the time. I am surprised when I see her sitting on my bed and realize that she really is mine. I’m surprised when I see her in her daddy’s arms and notice how much they look alike. And I’m surprised by just how much I love her this month. When I look at her my heart swells a million times.

She is predictable in all the other ways. I can tell exactly when she is hungry and wants to nurse, or when she needs a nap, or when she just needs me to smile at her. I remember walking around with Eleanor for hours saying “I just don’t know, I just don’t know.” But this time around, I feel like I know.

She quickly picked up the EASY routine. Eat, Activity, Sleep, You. Of course the You part is supposed to be “me time” and that usually doesn’t happen with a toddler around as well. But surprisingly I find plenty of time to get the house chores done and play with my littles, and yes, even eat and shower.

We had a quick trip to the doctor today for Eleanor so I took advantage and weighed Ruthie: 12 pounds, 12 ounces. She has rolls deeper than even Eleanor’s were. She is still in 0-3 month and 3 month clothing but I have recently pulled out a few 3-6 month outfits.

In regard to sleep: it’s spotty. Her naps are pretty predictable. We always swaddle, use a pacifier and usually white noise too. She is still napping four or five times a day for about 45 minutes or an hour each. On days when we are home and on a pretty good schedule she will take longer naps. Morning naps lasting up to two hours and afternoon naps up to four hours! Those are glorious days, but then I also miss her. She almost always naps in her bassinet or in her car seat when on the go.

Nights are all over the place. She is great about nursing and falling right back asleep, however some nights she is up to nurse every two hours, and other nights we get longer stretches. Recently she slept from 10pm until 4am and that was glorious! But those types of nights are few and far between. I am settling into this reality of sleep deprivation and not letting it control my attitude. I am trying to go to bed earlier and even nap some too.

There are so many things I don’t want to forget about Ruthie, and I already feel the days whisking by and the weeks rushing past. I never want to forget the way it feels to pick her up and nuzzle her cuddly little body. Or in the middle of the night when I let her sleep on my chest for a while before placing her back in her bassinet after nursing. I never want to forget the way her mouth curls into a smile a little at a time and ends in a ginormous grin. She is amazing, and each day we see her personality shine a little brighter.

The other day she did my absolute favorite thing: she smiled up at me while she was nursing. I know this is so silly but I waited for it and waited for it and then she did it. I just love that smile so much.

two months

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