Road Trip

We are on the road! I couldn’t be more excited to spend seven straight days with my hubby. He is off for spring break and we are driving to Missouri to visit my family and meet my new nephew! So far the trip is going great! We started as soon as Alex was home from work yesterday and stopped for the night. Now today we just have a few hours to go and we will be in Missouri!


My post yesterday with Wednesday’s meals got lost somewhere. I never got around to rewriting; we were so busy all day getting packed. But here’s Wednesday:

Wednesday Meals

Breakfast: chia pudding

Morning Workout: P90X class at the gym and then kickboxing. 90 solid minutes of hardcore workouts!

Lunch: unpictured salad topped with tuna. We packed lunch and met friends at the park. It was a beautiful day!

Snack: 1/2 apple and almond butter (lots) I was famished.

Dinner: chicken and fries (it was 9pm!)

Snack: dark chocolate squares

Now on to Thursday. It’s a shame simply being busy doesn’t burn calories! I was running around getting ready for our trip so I skipped the gym. I woke up incredibly sore from Wednesday’s double header so I felt like a rest day was acceptable.

Most of my meals Thursday were assembled keeping in mind that all the fresh produce and leftovers needed to be used before we left town.

Thursday Meals

Breakfast: smashed sweet potatoes with almond butter and coconut.

Lunch: giant salad with all the produce and tuna. I scarfed this down so fast I barely remembered eating it!

Snacks: lots and lots of road trip snacks! Mostly almonds but some Pirate’s Booty and plantain chips too.

Dinner: salad with chicken salad (rotisserie chicken, avocado, grapes and almonds)

Snack: more dark chocolate squares

I loved having healthy snacks on the road. I don’t know about you, but I have the tendency to eat a lot while driving. Packing my own meals and snacks helps us save money and eat healthy on the road.


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