Things I Ate Easter Weekend


It has been a whirlwind couple days, and somehow it is already Tuesday! Vacation always seems to whiz by. We are enjoying lots of down time with family and wonderful weather and delicious food.

First family:


Cue the cuteness!


Friday night the entire family went to watch my mom in the passion play at her church. It was a wonderful production but awfully long. I was so impressed that all the babies seemed to do pretty wonderful.


Saturday we hung at my mom’s and I got to spend time with my sisters and also several close friends.


Also, I spent nap times searching through old photographs. So much fun.

throwback Easter

Sunday we attended church with my mom and then had dinner with my sisters and some wonderful friends.

EasterThe kids dyed and hunted Easter eggs and made adorable Peeps derby cars…and then devoured them.


Finally, Monday we relaxed all day at my dad’s. I babysat my nephews while my older sister worked. The kids played on Kolbie’s new swing set and we watched plenty of television.

Swingset Fun

Now food.

Roadtrip foods:

roadtrip foods

Breakfast at the hotel: banana, hard-boiled eggs, sausage

Lunch: egg salad (mixed with avocado) and plantain chips

Snacks: lots of Pirate’s Booty and almonds.


Easter Meals

We ate lots of eggs, lots of salads, ham, chicken and sweet potatoes.

And all the Easter goodies:

Easter candy favorites

I did manage to squeeze in one good workout this weekend. My nephew rode his bike alongside as I ran to the school. Together we did a few sprints around the track and ran home. It was a gorgeous day and a wonderful run! Sadly the weather has been pretty gloomy and I haven’t broken a sweat since. I’m not making it a priority this week and I am ok with that. I am going to continue to eat well and only eat the Easter treats moderately, but I don’t want to obsess over it or beat myself up. I would rather just enjoy time with family!

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