What I Ate Wednesday: Missouri Edition

What I Ate WednesdayIMG_0196

Welcome to Missouri! The Show Me State.

It’s not always easy to eat healthy while out of town. Without my own kitchen and groceries, I’m never quite sure what will be my options. However, my family does generally know my preferences and if I make healthy eating a priority, and resist the temptations, it is possible. While traveling it is all about finding balance. Here is my attempt at finding balance…

Everything I ate before 5pm:

Meals 1Breakfast: (8am) two hard boiled eggs and three slices of bacon + lots of coffee and water

Snacks: (11am) handful of almonds

Lunch: (noon) snack plate of apples, cheese and deer sausage followed by a Larabar

Snack: salad with mixed nuts and balsamic dressing, Star Crunch…because my will power ran out. And because I never. So why not?

The afternoon felt long and I was hungry. I also kept grabbing bites of Eleanor’s snack: Cheez Its, and a few carrot cake M&Ms.

And Dinner: (6:30pm) Domino’s Pizza (Oh My Crust!)

IMG_0238  Dessert: (8:30) mini ice cream cone.  I know I talked about balance yesterday, and today doesn’t look very balanced. I made good choices when I could, but enjoyed some treats today too. It’s vacation after all, and after all, everything I ate was delicious!

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