If you don’t love pictures of cute kids…skip on ahead, but for my own personal indulgence here is a little recap of our Missouri travels.


I may have enjoyed more quality family time on this trip than any other time. I literally spent every moment with one of my sisters and either my mom or dad. My older sister planned meals for us and was so accommodating and my little sister took off work for most of the week.

The best, and yet saddest part of the trip was seeing my nieces and nephews and how big they have all grown. Also, meeting my newest nephew was delightful. But it’s incredibly bittersweet because I miss them so much and seeing how big they are all getting is difficult. Watching Eleanor and Kolbie playing was amazing. And waking up every morning to Eleanor asking for her cousins made my heart swell. Family really is so important. And I miss mine so much.


Alex humored me while I toyed with the idea of moving to Missouri and even house shopped. While we drove around Perryville and Cape Girardeau I kept an eagle eye out for houses for sale. We both love the idea of living near family but realize how difficult it would be to move.

All sappiness aside, it was the best trip to Missouri I have taken! I really just enjoyed every moment with every person. I don’t want to dwell on how much I miss them, rather how much fun we have together when I do see my family!

So part one of our vacation ended as we drove over the bridge from Missouri to Illinois and cruised into South Carolina this evening. More fun to come!

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