Beach Babes


On Saturday we hitchhiked a ride to Florida with my mom. We are enjoying a “girl’s week”  at my grandma’s home. We kicked off the start of our trip with a dip in the pool to shake out our legs from the long trip.  

Ruthie’s very first swim!

It’s amazing how just one or two outings with my girls make for a very full day! Sunday we attended church and in the evening Eleanor and I had a mommy-daughter date on the beach with some ice cream.  

She is slowly warming up to the beach!  

We missed the sunset but enjoyed the still gorgeous views.  


It was a perfect Sunday!

After our successful trip to the beach I decided we would take the girls this morning. So we woke up, packed the bags, grabbed some beach toys and headed out.   

Eleanor and Oma played and played while Ruthie slept and I acted as official photographer.  


Getting to the beach and playing was fun, but leaving the beach is not! Sand and water all over two babies is not easy to clean. I remembered too late that baby powder is great to remove sand from skin. We made a mess of my mom’s car but it was worth it to see Eleanor finally playing on the beach.  

Now we are all fed, showered and resting. 

While traveling this week I am trying to maintain healthy eating and even a little exercise when I can. But I’m not stressing over it. There is enough time for that when I return. I am happy to report that last year’s shorts are fitting right now so that is all that matters! 

I am excited for the next few days in Florida before finally getting home next weekend. 




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