What I Ate Wednesday {Whole 30 Day 4}

What I Ate Wednesday

An ordinary day around here. A trip to the library. Successful nap time (the girls, not me). And a bike ride. Breakfast: (7:00am) same as yesterday…two eggs fried, sauteed chard and tomatoes, roasted fingerling potatoes

Snack: (11:00am) I packed a Cherry Pie Larabar for the ride home from the library. I knew I’d be hungry and have a ton to do to get the girls settled once we arrived home. This helped stave me over.

Lunch: (12:30pm) rotisserie chicken and roasted butternut squash, plus three handfuls plantain chips (unpictured)

Dinner: (4:45pm) a very small bowl of turkey chili before my bike ride  I pulled the most ridiculous move. After a successful ride with the Mooresville Area Cyclists group, we rolled into the parking lot and I started talking to this guy about ordering new kits and bam. On the ground. Cycling is so humbling. So much to remember. All the time. I forgot to clip out (the first time I’ve ever forgotten, believe it or not) and toppled over in front of all the other riders. Awesome.   My after ride fuel included one giant banana that I turned into almond butter sandwiches using Trader Joe’s unsweetened coconut and my homemade cinnamon vanilla almond/hazelnut butter. Yumm.

So far I feel great on Whole 30. I hear that days 10-14 are a bear so I’m really not excited for that. But overall I feel satisfied. I would say that I’m beginning to tire of the same rotation of meals and snacks. I am going to try to mix it up more while meal planning next week.

If you do/have done Whole 30, what are some of your favorite go-to snack or meal ideas? Thanks for sharing!

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