Triathlon Thoughts {Whole 30 Day 5}

I have triathlon on the mind. I really want to complete one. Every summer I have set out to do a triathlon and training has been put on hold for one reason or another. Usually pregnancy. But sometimes injury. Sometimes just plain busyness. This summer I would love to accomplish a triathlon but I hesitate setting that goal for fear of failure. I already feel incredibly busy and overworked most days. Arriving at the gym is a struggle in itself (forget the workout!) So just tapping out thoughts today, but maybe just maybe I’ll go for it.

Meals: (I spent the day with friends at playgroup and left my phone at home so we are missing most of our food photos today)

Breakfast: (7:30am) two eggs fried, sauteed greens and peppers, roasted butternut squash (spoiler alert: tomorrow I’m switching things up!)

Morning snack: (11:00am) lots of apple slices and a banana…not pictured

Lunch: (1:00pm) salad made with TJ’s Cruciferous Crunch mix, diced peppers, and tuna salad with homemade mayo (woo-hoo homemade mayo!)…also not pictured

Snack: (3:30pm) lots of plantain chips, a little tahini sauce…also not pictured

Dinner: (7:45pm) baked potato topped with turkey chili

Snack: (8:30pm) banana soft serve. That puts my banana consumption at about 2 1/2 for the day. Maybe need to lay off the bananas!

This girl turned three months this week. She definitely went from being a little infant to a full-on baby! She is so talkative and smiley. I’m hoping to get her three month photos done this weekend and then I can’t wait to share all about her many milestones! She just makes my heart smile.

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