One for the books {Whole 30 Day 6}

TGIF! #amiright

At some point yesterday I looked around and realized, hey, this isn’t so bad. This was a good day! I am the first to admit that mothering two children is difficult. And most days I feel like I fail more often than I succeed. But yesterday was just easier. And as I looked around the room from my vantage point things felt pulled together. For starters I was sitting on the floor interacting with my girls. Toys weren’t scattered everywhere, and even the laundry was done. Dinner was started, my hubby was taking a much needed nap and I was almost relaxed. I don’t know how I pulled it off, but I felt like super mom. We don’t get many of those days around here lately. I’ll take them as they come.

Briefly I must mention…how is it seriously only day 6? Let’s recap:Breakfast: (7:00am) Bulletproof coffee…told you I was switching it up. This is a paleo-thing, but it is coffee mixed with ghee, coconut oil and I add gelatin for collagen and protein. It’s delicious in my opinion and I was excited when my order from amazon for gelatin came in the mail. I also woke up hard yesterday after a rough night of sleep, so this was perfect to get me going in the morning.

Lunch: (12:00pm) However I was more than ready for lunch when noon rolled around. Repeats of Wednesday’s dinner…baked potato topped with turkey chili.

Snack: (1:30pm) As soon as the girls were down for a nap I quickly inhaled this apple and almond butter snack. I just read in It Starts With Food that nuts should be eaten sparingly. Whoops!

Snack: (3:30pm) not pictured, roasted butternut squash shared with Eleanor and more apple slices

Dinner: (5:30pm) sweet potato topped with coconut oil and coconut shreds, green beans and rotisserie chicken

Snack: (9:00pm) more banana soft serve, this time topped with coconut oil stirred together with cocoa powder (magic shell!) We attended a birthday party last night and I had to turn down pizza and cupcakes. It wasn’t too hard, but it sure left me wanting a treat when we got home. Thus the banana soft serve!

Side note: my cutie is getting so big!!

We made it to the gym yesterday morning and I swam for the first time in forever. I completed 850 meters with some intervals thrown in to mix it up. Then I swiped just Eleanor out of child watch and took her swimming. We had the most fun.


Lunch outside because it was so gorgeous yesterday.

And the birthday girl…

The best part of yesterday was that Alex didn’t work last night. So we enjoyed some much needed family time.

Now I’m taking a rest day. My muscles are tired and worn. Me and the girls are going to do a lot of relaxing today!

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