Whole 30 Rules {Whole 30 Day 7}

I am thankful I have the blog keeping track of my Whole 30 challenge because I can’t seem to remember what day I am on ever. I had to consult yesterday’s post to remember what day to write about today.

I foolishly began Whole 30 before combing through the book It Starts With Food, and now I am realizing a few mistakes I made last week. I didn’t want to waste anytime (I want this over sooner rather than later!) so I am learning as I go. Mistakes I made this week…replacing my sugar habit with an almond butter habit. Whoops!

In general the challenge is to modify food behaviors. Instead of allowing those changes I have just replaced my behaviors with new ones. So my afternoon slump is spoonfuls of almond butter instead of dark chocolate.  And my late night snacking is banana soft serve instead of ice cream. Better choices, but I’m still struggling with the overall issue of using food as reward on hard days.

Snacking is discouraged during the Whole 30. Part of the reason is to modify behaviors but also to allow your body to heal and I think I’m saying it correctly, become “fat-adapted” meaning our bodies burn fat for energy instead of carbs. I am using the excuse that I’m breastfeeding to help me get away with my snacking ways, but starting this week I will try to cut out my late night snacking. If the science in the book is accurate and my cortisol levels are balanced then I shouldn’t be hungry at night anyhow. Right? Right? We will see. I’m taking it easy on myself as this challenge is hard enough. I’ve heard days 10-14 are the worst. Sugar withdrawals. Gluten withdrawals. So I may need to allow a “fix” here and there to get through and try harder next week.

Day 7 eats:

whole 30 day 7 meals

Breakfast: (7:00am) Bulletproof coffee (loving it!)

Morning snack: (10am) pepper slices and hard boiled egg

Lunch: (noon) Chicken salad made from rotisserie chicken, homemade mayo, chopped peppers and carrots

Afternoon snack: (1:30pm) my beloved coconut La Croix sparkling water and mixed nuts and shredded coconut


Dinner: (5:30pm) mashed sweet potatoes with coconut oil and leftover turkey chili

Evening snack: (8:30pm) banana soft serve mixed with a little almond butter and cocoa powder

Also, too many spoonfuls of almond butter throughout the day. Too many.

Bulletproof coffee is my favorite. It is packed with protein and fats and is said to boost metabolism. I just think it is delicious. Like a homemade latte in the morning. I admit to feeling hungry still in the mornings but I don’t want to add too many more calories to my breakfast. Thus the hard-boiled egg as a mid-morning snack.

My work-outs were challenging and rewarding this week and I felt great getting back to the gym!

Monday: Insanity class

Tuesday: 90 minute bike

Wednesday: P90X class

Thursday: 850 meter swim

Friday: rest

This weekend will probably be one giant rest weekend as well. My muscles are tired. We are also expecting a ton of rain.  Eventually I am going to start incorporating longer workouts into my Saturdays but I am having a hard time sacrificing time with Alex. Weekends are really all we get.

Ok, I’ll leave you this weekend with some adorable sister cuteness. They are quickly becoming quite fond of each other!


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