Hitting Goals {Whole 30 Day 10}

Today I got a nice surprise at the gym. Although the Whole 30 plan says not to weigh yourself for the duration, I caved. I had a sneaky suspicion I was really going to like the numbers I would see. One-Fourty-One. Bam! Pre-Ruthie-Pregnancy weight! I did it!

I could tell that this past week had a major impact on my body. I felt it immediately. Less bloating. More comfortable fit in my clothes. I was excited to step on the scale this morning. I knew I was going to be happy. And then I saw the numbers and I realized just how great it feels to set goals and stick to them and see the desirable outcomes manifest. Ruthie is just over three months old and I can boast that I fit into all of my pre-pregnancy jeans. Sorry, I shouldn’t boast. #sorryiamnotsorry

After Eleanor was born it took no effort at all to lose the weight. Thank you mom for those genes. I could fit into all of my jeans in 10 days. Ruthie’s pregnancy weight was a little more difficult. It took hard work. But was motivation to overhaul my diet and get my booty to the gym. Not only do I fit into my clothes and I have reached my pre-pregnancy weight, but I really do feel great. Great about myself, and more energetic.

But it doesn’t end here. First I still have about oh-20 more days to go on the Whole 30. And then there is my secondary goal of reaching my pre-Eleanor-pregnancy weight: 132 (I gained some back after I stopped breastfeeding Eleanor), and still my tertiary goal of hitting 126 (random number pulled out of thin air). I’m only a quarter way there. Lots more hard work ahead.

Side note: remind me to do the Whole 30 while I’m weaning Ruthie in a year! I believe it will help reset my eating and prepare me for healthy eating while I’m not nursing therefore preventing me from gaining weight.

Breakfast Part 1: (7:00am) Bulletproof coffee

Breakfast Part 2: (9:00am) hard boiled egg and banana

Workout: Insanity Class

Lunch: (noon) Cajun chicken sausage with mayo, leftover fingerling potatoes, and all the kale chips

Snack: (3:00pm) pear and handful of cashews (plus 3 more handfuls of cashews throughout the day–but who’s counting?)

Dinner: (5:30pm) turkey burger on portabella bun with mayo, avocado, mustard, lettuce and tomato and roasted sweet potato

My dinner date:

She doesn’t know it yet, but she is getting pretty close to paleo as well. By default most of her meals fall within the Whole 30 guidelines. Tonight’s special: turkey burger cut up, roasted sweet potatoes, sliced avocado, sliced tomatoes and mayo to dip it all.

Have you ever seen a better in smile in all your days? That’s exactly how I feel today too Ru!

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