Ruthie Jeanne Three Months

three months 2

…or three months and 10 days. Whoops, I did it again. I’m late. And to be quite honest, I sorta threw this photo shoot together so I could have something here to present. I’m not terribly happy with the photo quality, but I love Ruthie’s expressions.

At three months old, this little girl has come to life!

RJ 3 months

We have hit so many milestones this month. Ruthie has mastered rolling over from her stomach to back. And just the other day rolled from her back all the way to her stomach. Now she is doing both at least daily. She moves all over her play mat and I am never guaranteed she will be in the same place I left her.

She drools like crazy. Most people comment, oh she must be teething. However, babies start drooling around three months because their saliva glands are developing. They don’t know what to do with all the moisture in their mouth. I think it is in preparation for solid foods soon. How are we half way there already!?

She has this amazing smile that lights up the room. It is so huge and wide and she will just sit there smiling with her mouth wide open for minutes. Literally minutes. It’s amazing to see in person! She loves to smile at faces. I can usually coax a giant smile out of her just by looking at her.

Ruthie joined us for an epic road trip this month, visiting Missouri, South Carolina and Florida for the first time, meeting her Aunt D, cousins, Great-Grandma and more! We had a blast and she was a trooper through it all. She screamed a few times to be let out of her carseat, but overall handled the long drives very well. She also managed through all sorts of odd sleeping arrangements. The best was in her carseat on her stroller for a makeshift bassinet.

RJ 3 months 2

She is growing! She gained over a pound this month and grew 3 1/2 inches. She now weights 13.14 pounds. Those arm rolls give it all away.

RJ 3 months 9

Her hair is gone. It is choppy and looks cut off and what is remaining is just barely hanging on. She is rocking a pretty decent bald spot in the back, and basically all around her head. I remember this stage with Eleanor and am encouraged it will be filling back in soon.

Ruthie’s eyes remain blue and she is still resembling her daddy most of all, but we always hear she looks just like Eleanor! However, looking back at Eleanor’s three month photos, they look so different! It’s fun putting some of my favorite baby outfits on Ruthie that Eleanor used to wear. She is now in 3-6 month clothing and these are some of my favorites! Our friends also gifted us hand-me-downs from their daughter which I’m loving. It is fun to see Ruthie in clothes that are different than what Eleanor wore too.

RJ 3 months 4

I just stopped swaddling her arms when she sleeps. So far the transition has been pretty good. She has a harder time falling asleep, and we have only had a few of the really long afternoon naps since, but our nighttimes don’t seem to be bothered. We also use white noise and a pacifier to help her fall asleep. Ruthie still eats several times at night and if I had to guess I would say I nurse at least 6 times a day. Probably 7. She is a very efficient eater and nursing does not take long. She also continues to make huge messes when she is eating but not as bad as a few months ago. Ruthie also spits up a lot but her doctor is not concerned since she is gaining well. In general breastfeeding is not as easy this time around. It amazes me that it could be so different.

RJ 3 months 7

Ruthie now seems to enjoy tummy-time even more than laying on her back or sitting in the swing. She plays and plays, grabbing toys and her dresses and our fingers. She is very active and spends much of her day hanging out on her play mat. It’s somewhat of a relief to be a little independent from her. I love that she is growing up and developing her personality.

I love watching Eleanor and Ruthie interact. Ruthie sometimes seems confused by her big sister. I’m not sure she understands why Eleanor is always in her face. But mostly she loves Eleanor’s antics and watches and smiles at her. ¬†Eleanor adores her little sister and asks to see her the minute she wakes up in the mornings. Usually Ru is still asleep and I have to keep Eleanor away from her. And occasionally Eleanor sneaks in to wake Ruthie up from naps and I have to bite my tongue. It’s charming, albeit incredibly annoying.

three months 3

I can’t believe how quickly these months are flying by! While days are sometimes long and trying, I really enjoy being Ruthie’s mom so much. I’ve worried often about my changing relationships with my girls. How I will be the best mommy to both. How I will distribute attention and affection. And how I will make sure Ruthie has every opportunity and advantage as Eleanor. While Eleanor made me a mom, I truly believe it will be Ruthie who makes me a great mom. I know that I will be challenged in great ways and together with Alex and these girls, God is shaping us into a family that will glorify him. These three months haven’t been easy, but they have been full of joy that Ruthie brought into our family.

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