Talking about weight loss and diets {Whole 30 Day 12}

At the birthday party the other night I was asked several times about the Whole 30. Although I had already seen some pretty awesome results, I still found myself completely awkward trying to talk about weight loss and the diet. I have such an easy time sharing my thoughts here on the blog, but in real life I clam up. I felt weird telling friends that I lost weight and even weirder when they asked about the food choices. On this blog it looks like it is such a huge part of my life, but in real life it only takes up a small portion of my everyday. It is just the food I eat and I don’t really enjoy talking about it. That was a very odd discovery for me this week.

Yesterday’s meals:


Breakfast: bulletproof coffee

Workout: P90X class

Lunch: salad with romaine, spinach, pear, blackberries, red pepper and a hard-boiled egg dressed in balsamic and olive oil.

Snacks: applesauce with cinnamon and cashews, handfuls of snap peas while cooking dinner

Dinner: spaghetti squash with Buffalo Ranch Chicken Meatballs

Snack: banana soft serve

I still use food as a treat or reward. Last night was day three without Alex in the evening and I definitely wanted to treat myself because it hasn’t been easy. I was also hungry and didn’t want to eat another chicken meatball. So I whipped up banana soft serve and it was perfect.

And I also want to mention here that I spoke way too soon about Ruthie’s sleep habits. The swaddle changed everything. She loves to roll around now and so all night last night she rolled around in her bassinet trying to get from one side to the other. We got no sleep. Spoiler alert, today started with more coffee. But Alex is home this evening and that makes everything better. Now we just need to make it to 3:00pm.

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