Alex’s Birthday Weekend


My hubby will celebrate another year old on Tuesday this week, but in true Kummerow Family Tradition, we began the celebrations early. As soon as he arrived home from work Friday he got his first birthday present…a nap! When he woke, the fun began!

We had dinner and I surprised him with a tower of donuts. Birthday sprinkles for the win.

Saturday we started with breakfast and loaded the girls in the car for a little adventure. It has been so long since we have hiked, and never with two kids. I insisted on carrying the heavy load (you know…to burn extra calories) and that hike was no joke. Straight up the mountain.

We entertained Eleanor along the way by looking for Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. And all the animals.

At the top we stopped for snacks and diaper changes and headed back down, much more rapidly than the way up the mountain. At the bottom we enjoyed a picnic lunch, a surprise pecan pie for Alex and then we loaded back in the car for the drive home.

Despite being incredibly exhausted, Alex and I rallied for a very rare date night. One of my best friends graciously babysat for us (she had her hands full!) We had dinner out and watched the Avengers. I have never watched a super hero movie before, and although this wasn’t my style I did it for Alex, and was surprised to enjoy it a little. Who am I kidding, three hours in a theater without kids begging me for something, what’s not to enjoy?

Sunday, we woke up slow, polished off the donuts (them, not me) and headed to church. The fun stopped there. Alex had a final that lasted eight hours and I tackled grocery shopping by myself with two kiddos.

And now we begin another week. Still going strong with Whole 30. Although tempted I did not eat any donuts or pie! And a glass of wine would have been awful nice on our date night but I resisted. Two weeks in…two weeks to go!


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