Cooking Meat {Whole 30 Day 17}

Just one lonely food photo today:

I was clearly distracted all day!

Breakfast: bulletproof coffee and a banana

Workout: 30 minute Insanity class

Lunch: burger (no bun) with a fried egg, bacon and avocado

Snack: almonds and lots of almond butter as I made it, and 1/2 a pear

Dinner: baked potato topped with salsa chicken (chicken thighs in salsa cooked in the slow-cooker) topped with avocado and salsa

Snack: TBD

I am a recovering vegan. I don’t mean that negatively or offensively but as a joke to help you understand why cooking meat weirds me out so much. So far on this journey I have stuck to convenience meat. Frozen burger patties from Trader Joe’s, rotisserie chicken and ground turkey or beef.  I have also made a couple wonderful fish meals. But really, cooking meat freaks me out. I am so concerned about it being cooked all the way and couldn’t stop eyeing my salsa chicken tonight with thoughts about its doneness. For one, it is dark meat so it isn’t white like I would expect cooked chicken to look. Secondly, cooking in salsa gives the juice a pink tint and kept me thinking it was under cooked. Third, I have no idea how long is long enough in the slow cooker. Alas, I ate it, and only time will tell if it was really done or not. Vegetables are so much easier!

Me after Insanity today. That class…seriously. Just 30 minutes and I really thought I may pass out. Hurts so good! Have a great day, we have a super fun one planned!

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