Birthday Shenanigans {Whole 30 Day 18}

I am getting incredibly lazy with my food photos lately. We have had a busy week so far and many meals with friends or dining out so I have failed to capture all of my eats. Thus, I am choosing not to link up for What I Ate Wednesday today, but instead do a fun recap of Alex’s birthday.


For Alex’s birthday I gifted him the one thing he has been asking for for years, a tattoo. His appointment was scheduled for next week but at the last minute it was moved to his actual birthday. The girls and I hung out around the lobby of the tattoo place while Alex was in the back getting inked. Of course we made a wholesome family day out of it!

Last night we celebrated Alex’s birthday with a “welcome back” get together with our fellowship group. We have taken a two month hiatus and are just now getting back together and starting a new study. Perfect timing for a celebration. We ordered pizzas, I baked a cake and we chatted about our marriages and answered the question, “What did you expect about marriage?”

Side notes: do you know how hard it is to bake a cake without licking your fingers? Also I wanted to crawl in a hole and die when we loaded the pizzas into the car. The smell was so intoxicating! I am proud to say I have officially made it through an endless string of birthdays without eating any cake! The struggle is real folks.

Instead of pizza I had leftovers. Baked potato topped with salsa chicken and avocado. And for dessert, a banana. The Whole 30 is great for resetting my food choices but I sure miss celebrating. While Alex and the group were toasting margaritas I was sipping a glass of water. This challenge is showing me I don’t have to have food and drink to celebrate, but it sure does make it more fun!

Happy Birthday to Alex. The man who makes all my dreams come true! He works so hard for us and he deserved a big break for his birthday. I tried to pamper him and show him how much he is loved and appreciated.

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