Sunshine {Whole 30 Day 19}

 If I don’t lose anymore weight on the Whole 30 we can place all blame on almond butter. I can’t get enough. I likely eat 5 or 6 spoonfuls straight from the jar each day. The culprit is this delicious cinnamon-vanilla almond hazelnut butter I have been making. It alone is keeping my sweet tooth alive. 

Meals yesterday:


Breakfast: bulletproof coffee and banana

Work out: P90X and a little kickboxing

Lunch: salad with salsa chicken, avocado, salsa

Snack: mashed coconut sweet potatoes with (you guessed it) almond butter and several spoonfuls straight to the face

Dinner: turkey burger topped with sun-dried tomatoes and mayo on a bed of lettuce with more sweet potatoes. 

Dessert: larabar new flavor pineapple coconut. So yumm! 

I meant to make sweet potato salad but over cooked the potatoes while nursing Ruthie. So instead I made mashed potatoes with coconut oil and coconut milk. Still good. 

In between work outs and house chores the girls and I took two trips to the park to take advantage of the gorgeous weather. I’m hoping to get some more sunshine into our day today! 

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