Farm Day {Whole 30 Day 21}

I know I keep saying it, but we woke up way too early on Friday! Why, oh why?! So we watched a full Care Bears movie and it was still only 7:30am. What to do? I prompted my two year old with this question and she announced she would like to go to the farm. (I’ve never taken her to a farm before) I did some quick googling and texted friends for recommendations and we settled on Historic Latta Plantation in Huntersville. It was just the escape we needed to get through a tiresome morning. The sun was shining and a breeze was floating in the air. I can’t describe how perfect it was!

So we took a million photos to document it:

We saw a donkey, a mule, a cow, sheep, turkeys, chicken and a rooster. We meandered along while practicing all the sounds and taking in the gorgeous scenery. Of course I didn’t capture many photos of scenery…just these amazing girls:


I mean it with all seriousness…we may not have survived the day if it weren’t for this wonderful escape. We just sat in the shade and hung out for hours. And when it was time to leave we were distracted by a nature trail and Eleanor led us along while we hiked and searched (out loud mind you) for Snow White and all the dwarves. “Snow White!”

It was mid-afternoon before we left. I’m happy I packed plenty of snacks for our little day.

On the way home Eleanor snoozed. She was snoring so loudly in the backseat. However, it was completely drowned out by Ruthie’s cries and screams. She could not be consoled. I had just nursed her, just changed her diaper, and yet she yelled out the whole way home. Of course we hit traffic. Of course the pacifier did nothing to soothe her. And by the time we reached home I was physically ill. Surely somewhere there is research about the effects of a baby’s cries on a person. I was shaken, miserable, and nearly in tears myself. Almost nauseous even. I was relieved to reach home. Even more relieved when Eleanor transferred right to her bed asleep. And then I quickly scooped up my tiny one and held her so close. She was just tired and quickly fell asleep in my arms. Man if I learned something about Ruthie today it is that she is persistent. Do not underestimate this one.


The rest of the afternoon went much better. But I had lost all will to do anything productive. Between sleep deprivation and literally being knocked over by Ruthie’s screams, I was ready to just sit and relax. I couldn’t even muster the energy to cook dinner. It has been a day full of ups and downs. Highs and lows. I’m ready to hit my pillow and reset for another weekend!

IMG_3714Breakfast: bulletproof coffee and two eggs with avocado

Snack: LARABAR (best flavor ever!)

Lunch: Salad topped with Chile Lime Chicken Burger from Trader Joe’s

Snack/Dinner: teeny apple with almond butter

must eat more now…

Happy weekend friends!

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