Mother’s Day {Whole 30 Day 23}

My girls aren’t yet old enough to plan out Mother’s Day for me, so the job falls to Alex and he exceeded all my expectations this year! I don’t remember needing Mother’s Day in the past, but this year it felt incredibly good to have a day devoted to exactly what I wanted. Topping my wish list was a delicious breakfast and strawberry picking. What I really wanted this year was just recognition for all I do. Motherhood has felt hard this year and I appreciated Alex’s show of gratitude. He lets me know he appreciates me all the time, but having undivided attention to the subject felt really good.

Our day began with runny eggs over rutabaga hash and bacon. Mmmm. We discussed going out to breakfast but I didn’t want to rush so he whipped this up for us instead. Honestly, since beginning the Whole 30 I’m a little disenchanted with eating out. My options are limited and typically expensive. If we can create it at home I prefer to save the money (for more fun things like shopping!)

Other meals yesterday included a silly little salad I threw together and then ate while rushing to get out the door for strawberry picking. It included romaine, mango, avocado, bacon (why not) and cashews. I also ate a ton of strawberries while picking. And for dinner we had a simple meal at Jason’s Deli. I topped my salad with all the Whole 30 ingredients on the bar.

We had a blast picking strawberries. Eleanor got really into it, Alex said it was his favorite moment of the day, and I just ran around like a crazy mom trying to get one good photo of my sweet girl.


The weather was a little overcast which was quite perfect. We stayed in the field until our gallon was full (and bellies). These are truly the sweetest strawberries I’ve ever tasted. Picked straight from the vine, they are warm, juicy and so incredibly tasty!

They also had farm animals and of course Eleanor was excited to check them out. There were all sorts of babies! Baby goats, ducks, turkeys, cows, pigs. Spring is in the air! Eleanor didn’t want to feed them or even get close so we just walked through admiring all the mommies with their babies.

In the evening we drove to Winston-Salem to visit Alex’s mom and have dinner together. In all it was such a wonderful day spent with the three people I love most in this world. And as a Mother’s Day treat, Ruthie started to laugh this weekend. I’ve only heard it two or three times but it is amazing.


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