Non-scale Victories {Whole 30 Day 24}

I broke the Whole 30 rule and weighed myself again at the gym today. Womp womp. Not a pound lost. What a let down. I guess that’s why I really shouldn’t weigh myself. Aside from the number on the scale I am feeling victorious about my accomplishments over the last few weeks. I have really turned my diet around and am focused on getting healthy, whole foods into my body. For 24 days I have eliminated all grains, gluten, dairy, alcohol and sugar! And I feel more energized (despite the sleepless nights) than I have in months. I feel stronger. My back pain that I had been experiencing since pregnancy is nearly gone. I’m smiling more. I’m fitting into my clothes. My muffin top is gone from every pair of my jeans (huge victory!). And yet my weight is the same.

After I weighed myself at the gym I nearly turned right around and walked out the door. I was feeling pretty low and disappointed. I forced myself through the door with a pep-talk. Clearly I needed the sweat-sesh. I was down on myself and cursing all those spoonfuls of almond butter (I guess I wasn’t wrong after all). By the time I was done with Insanity I had perked up a bit. Those awesome workout endorphins! I even decided to stay for Piyo…the promise of long and lean muscles stuck with me. It was a hard workout today. And I needed it. Not to lose the weight, but to realize how far I have come. I am making less modifications. I am sticking it out through the whole class. I am working harder and my cardio ability has increased. The point is, I’m feeling great. I feel great when I get dressed, when I look in the mirror. I can see so many positive changes despite what the scale says.

I am still anxious to see a different number on the scale, but today I am choosing to focus on the #nonscalevictories and move forward. I need to make a few adjustments still in my diet. Namely the almond butter on a spoon straight to the face countless times a day. I need to plan out my snacks better so I am not grazing all afternoon. And I really need to stop staying up late and eating at 10 or 11pm. So for my last week of Whole 30 I am going to put these practices to work, and hopefully on day 30 next Monday I will see a better number on the scale! Wish me luck.

and here’s some baby cuteness…

2 thoughts on “Non-scale Victories {Whole 30 Day 24}

  1. Oh my goodness. Your baby is so cute! Good job on focusing on the nonscale victories. Weighing myself always messes with me so I’m trying to avoid it.

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