What I Ate Wednesday {Whole 30 Day 25}

The one with a picnic…

Whole 30 Picnic

Good morning! Once again we are up at 6:30am with a happy, smiling baby. The difference is I am also (kinda) smiling. If you can’t beat them, join them. Am I right? So this week I have started to go to bed with them. Last night we were all tucked in by 9pm. It makes the four middle of the night wake-ups and the 6:30am alarm a little more bearable.


I got creative with meals yesterday and planned a gourmet picnic for my three favorites (Alex, Eleanor and Ruthie obviously). Alex didn’t have to work last night and we were scheduled for the hottest day of the year so far, so we packed up dinner and headed to the park for two glorious hours of play and family time sans all technology. Lately our evenings have become TV time as we pass the hours while Alex is gone. This was the perfect reprieve from all that.


Breakfast: (7:00am) started with the usual Bulletproof coffee and half a banana (split with Eleanor). I later went on to eat another banana while we were waiting for the plumber (ALL MORNING!)

Lunch: (11:30am) finally back at home I scarfed down some leftovers. Roasted veggies, roast beef (made in crockpot with broth and balsamic vinegar-so delicious) and some grilled peppers and onions.

Snack: throughout the afternoon I grazed while I cooked. Several handfuls of sweet potatoes, filling tasting, and lots of spoonfuls of coconut cream.

Dinner: (5:30pm) Picnic! We ate pickles, sweet potato salad, deviled eggs (with avocado) roast beef and Paleo strawberry pie!


If you follow Whole 30 strictly you will know that they discourage recreating desserts with Whole 30 approved ingredients. This is why I hesitate to call this pie Whole 30 approved. However, all the ingredients I used are technically ok. There is no sugar, honey, maple syrup or anything else to sweeten it except the berries themselves. Everything else in it is basically a form of of coconut. Coconut cream, coconut flour, coconut oil.  I know technically I shouldn’t…but we just had all these strawberries…and did you see all that birthday cake I’ve been turning down? Well those are my excuses. #sorryiamnotsorry


I made two very important changes to my diet today. First I didn’t eat any almond butter. That was a victory. Second, I did not snack after dinner at all. I know that these are two of the culprits keeping me from weight loss. I’m going to try to do better not letting these two habits take over.

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6 thoughts on “What I Ate Wednesday {Whole 30 Day 25}

    • It was amazing! Just slightly sweet. The crust was more like shortbread which was so good. Almost like strawberry shortcake!

  1. Those are my two pitfalls too! Well, any type of nut butter (or coconut butter) and mindless snacking period. I’ve been only purchasing a small amount of freshly ground almond butter from Whole Foods lately for my son which has kept me from over eating. That or I only keep the pouches of Justin’s on hand for emergencies. Love the idea of a dinner picnic! Totally copying that soon 🙂

    • Thanks for reading! I have been making this amazing cinnamon vanilla almond butter and it’s just too good to resist. File that under things I shouldn’t keep in my pantry!

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