Our go-to weekend activity seems to be hiking. It’s a great way to combine exercise with quality family time. We sing, make up silly songs, chat, and sweat. This weekend I opted to carry the heavy pack for a total of 5.2 miles of rolling hills along gorgeous Lake Norman. We were beat by the end!

Smoothies were in order. And then naps. Have I mentioned lately how we get no sleep in this house? Yeah, yeah, I know, broken record.

Guess what today is? Day 30! You’d think I’d be all jumping for joy and excited for the end of the challenge, right? In many ways I am. I know I am craving something and I plan to break away tomorrow, but I’m not sure just what yet. I bought a dark chocolate bar yesterday while grocery shopping. I’m planning to eat it tomorrow after the girls go to bed…but if it’s my breakfast instead, well, no judgement.

As we are drawing nearer to the end, I am also realizing just how much I like having boundaries in my diet. It may be why I was so attracted to the vegan diet for so many years. There is freedom within boundaries. My mind feels free. Within the guidelines of Whole 30 I can eat anything I want. It eliminates the constant “should I’s.” “Should I have that slice of birthday cake?” “Should I have pasta for dinner?” “Should I drink another glass of wine?” I am not plagued with these decisions all day long.

There is a theory about this. They tested preschool children in a fenced in playground and then in a playground without a fence. In the first, the children played in every part of the playground. In the second, they stayed huddled together in one space. The idea is having proper limitations allows children to feel safer and explore and play within every part of the space.

The first time I heard about this study, a pastor was discussing it in context to the Ten Commandments. Many people balk at Christianity and all the rules. But the idea is that there is freedom within boundaries. If we follow God’s law then we will feel safe to live joyfully and freely. It is in sin that we are bound.

Well today, I am stretching this theory into my food choices as well. I told my girlfriend yesterday that I wasn’t ready to quit the Whole 30. I sort of feel lost. So as today comes and goes and the Whole 30 is in my past, I may just continue forward with 31, and 32, and 33, and so on. After my chocolate bar of course! I mean, when you are eating delicious meals like this…

Why would you want to stop?

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