Gotcha Day

Yesterday marked the one-year anniversary of discovering I was pregnant with Ruthie. I know it seems like a very silly thing to celebrate, but that’s just what we do.

We celebrate Eleanor’s “gotcha day” every year as well. We discovered Eleanor on St. Patrick’s Day while we were in Charlotte celebrating and participating in the festivities. I couldn’t stand the idea of beer and only wanted to eat onion rings and so now we commemorate every year on March 17th by going to Charlotte and eating onion rings.

Of course we had to start a tradition for Ruthie too.

The day we discovered Ruthie we had plans to meet our friends at the playground so our daughters could play.


I had already told Alex the good news and because it was such a shock we were having a hard time keeping it a secret from our friends. I finally let Alex tell them and their response was “We are pregnant too!” Our due dates ended up being just one day apart and we both had baby girls.


We also ended up delivering our little girls one day apart and our older daughters became big sisters together.


So this year we returned to that same playground to let Eleanor and Ruthie play. It was hot, but sunny and breezy. Ruthie and I relaxed in the shade while Alex chased Eleanor around the playground.

I brought a celebratory cupcake, although Ruthie didn’t get to take part.

And after our park fun, we met up with our friends for “fries and a coke.” We couldn’t remember what else we had done the day we found out about Ruthie. So instead we went with the thing I did most often during the pregnancy. Five Guys french fries and a coke. 
Later in the evening we joined friends by the lake and popped open a bottle of wine and enjoyed the gorgeous weather.

We are so lucky to have our two beautiful girls. Our story is wonderful because it allows us to see God working in our lives. We didn’t get to plan our babies, I truly believe God chose it at his perfect timing. And I am so in love with our girls and our little family. It is just so sweet. If you would have asked me 10 years ago I would have never imagined I could be so lucky!

I love being the parent because it means I get to make-up our traditions. We celebrate “gotcha days” because we say so. How fun is that? So happy “gotcha day” Ru! We love you!

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