Another Missouri Roadtrip

Well hey there! Long time, no see. Basically I finished the Whole 30 and then completely fell off the grid. I have some pretty good excuses, don’t ya know. First, the obvious…I basically never sit down all day long unless it is to eat a meal or nap. Or my hands are completely full (usually of baby or bags). And then of course, my biggest excuse, our seven day-long trip to Missouri.

What fun to head back so soon after my last trip. And once again I loved watching Eleanor interact with her cousins. They are getting closer and closer and it is so enjoyable to watch.

There is so much autonomy on the farm. Eleanor played outside with Taylor for hours while I hid from the bugs inside behind the screen door.

Ruthie got to show off how much she has grown in just a few short months. Everyone was just as taken with her giant grin as I am.

Alex didn’t get to go with me on this trip so I drove the entire 12 hours All.By.Myself. I did bring along our friend slash babysitter along as extra hands to help with the girls. I tried to make the trip as fun as possible for her so we explored St. Louis and rode to the top of the infamous Arch.

It is rare that I get to see my sisters and my brother at the same time and yet on this trip we got to spend all weekend together. These people make me very, very happy. I miss them so much. We had a serious blast Saturday night and then got to hang out altogether all day Sunday. It was amazing.

My newest nephew (just three weeks younger than Ruthie) has really come alive in the last few weeks. His smile is just as contagious as Ruthie’s. It overtakes his entire face. He doesn’t give them out as readily as Ru but when you catch one it’s like the best moment you have ever experienced!

Ah he’s just so cute!

And then there is this guy…

He turned one year old and that was the real reason for the whole road trip. I was so happy I was able to be in town for the big celebration. It was a chilly day but never rained, so perfect for all the kids to run around playing at the park. Stephanie went all out with a great birthday boy theme complete with bow tie and neck tie cookies and cake. It was a “black tie” affair!

It was also cool to realize I could make the drive on my own and I hope to do it more often. I mean moments like these just don’t need to be so far apart:

I love these people!

Oh, wait…did I already mention that?

I mean seriously. All the cuteness! It is so neat to have nieces and nephews that are all around the same age. It is also great to have one older cousin to keep watch of all the younger ones! I want Eleanor and Ruthie to grow up around them as much as possible. I’m sure there will be many more Missouri trips in our near future!

And the one food photo I took the entire trip:

There weren’t many Whole 30 foods on this trip. And then we got home and I swear I had food poisoning from a spicy chicken sandwich and spent a day and a half in bed with a terrible stomach ache. And now I am just getting back to normal and thinking it’s a great time to clean up my act…again. Trust that I enjoyed every single bowl of ice cream though!

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