Saturday Afternoon Thoughts

Mmm, glass of wine on a Saturday afternoon.

Alex has basically given me the day “off” taking care of all the kids needs and letting me come and go as I please. This included a much needed redemption ride on my bike with my dear friend Emily, a coffee slash jeep ride with my other dear friend Brandy, and nap time covered. So I decided it’s high time I sit down and punch out some thoughts on the keyboard…glass of wine required.

I feel like I have waken up from a four month slumber desperate for something to do outside of the walls of this apartment, figuratively speaking. It just feels like I need to do something else or have an outside focus. How many stay at home moms are nodding their head in agreement? I think it is pretty normal to want interaction outside the home that feels meaningful. I have a bit of cabin fever I suppose.

Most days I feel incredibly busy, but I realize I’m actually not at all. Binge watching Pretty Little Liars on Netflix does not count as being too busy. In any given day I have hours of spare time that I am devoting to Instagram and Facebook, and would rather be accomplishing something productive. The catch, and any SAHM can agree, is that my options are so limited without taking on a babysitter. I would love to find a space to volunteer again, a ministry to care for, but only so much can be done with the girls. Likewise, I am desperate to add financially to our family, but hate the idea of clocking in and out of a minimum wage job while paying the babysitter most of my take home pay. I also hate the idea of selling out to direct sales just to make a few bucks (although, trust me, it’s tempting). And hey, no judgement on those who are social entrepreneurs, I’m just not sure I would be all that successful at it.

These thoughts dominated most of my conversation with Brandy this afternoon and she assured me (the voice of reason) it is normal to become restless. And it is also ok to allow these ideas to mull over while considering all possible scenarios. I don’t have to settle in, but I don’t have to jump into anything right away either. I feel like I am in the exploring phase. I know I am interested in taking on some meaningful work, and also interested in helping to support our family-even if it is a few bucks of play money for date nights and family vacations. Finding the right opportunity for my family and schedule will be the challenge.

Are you a stay at home mom? Do you work from home? Any words of wisdom?

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