Ruthie Jeanne Four Months

Happy four months and nineteen days pretty little baby!

four months

Yup, I’m incredibly late again. This means my memory is all fuzzy in regard to which milestones are four month milestones and which are five month. So we are just going to talk about her from this day on.

Ruthie is now laughing. Not often, but every now and again we get this great chuckle out of her. Almost a pity laugh. Like: “yeah, I know you are trying hard…I’ll give you just a little laugh to get you off my case.”

four months 4

Her smile continues to be the light of our lives. It’s the first thing I see in the morning and just makes my day.

Ruthie is so strong. She can move all over the floor by rolling and is usually not in the same place we left her. She tries to sit up from laying down by just lifting her head and torso up. It’s not working. You would need serious ab muscles to pull that off at four months, but she makes a gallant effort.

Her legs become the topic of so many conversations. I think everyone just wants to eat my baby alive. Her chunky thighs are seriously delectable and one can hardly control themselves around her. Her arm rolls are still something to write about as well. I must confess she gets them from me. I recently posted a picture of baby me to Instagram with the same exact rolls!

four months five

This picture says “Hey mom, quit talking ’bout my rolls.” Ok, sweet baby girl.

While Ruthie is a joy I admit two things: sleep sucks and nursing sucks.

First sleep. I can’t even call it a four-month regression because honestly it was never good. We didn’t regress, we’ve just always been here. Wake-ups nearly every two hours. Never more than a three hour stretch. Never. Every night as I get ready for bed I pray a very real prayer that she will sleep through the night. Just do it child. Please. Each time she wakes up I still nurse her back to sleep. She’s very restless if I don’t and it’s just easier to nurse her on demand at night so we can all get back to sleep quicker.

Most nights she sleeps in bed with us. We still use the bassinet as well and will bounce back and forth throughout the night. During the day she either sleeps in the bassinet, in the car seat or in my arms (yup, hours in my arms). I am so tired. So, so tired. I realize we are doing nothing to help Ruthie develop better sleep patterns and get us closer to sleeping through the night, but honestly I’m just too tired to think about it. I know how that must sound. I really ought to bring a professional in for a day or two and just glean some perspective on our situation. It’s always easier from the outside looking in.

I could also use professional advice when it comes to nursing. Ruthie just plain sucks at it. And unfortunately not literally. She is impatient for the let down so she just writhes and pulls and rolls around in my arms. When the milk finally comes, she will latch on and nurse for two minutes and then start to pull away again. I’ll switch sides, sometimes she will nurse better for a few minutes, and then she’s done. I never think she gets enough, yet my chunky baby is gaining well so I’m not concerned. I just wish it was easier. ¬†Honestly when she is half-asleep at night she nurses so much better than during the day. So most days I don’t mind nursing five times at night and just two or three times during the day. I know, I have it all backwards. And I’m so tired.

four months 3

Thankfully she is just so darn cute.

Obviously we really have no real schedule right now. She does great going to child care at the gym and we try to make that part of our morning routine. She will usually take a good afternoon nap around the same time Eleanor naps. That’s a treat. I use the time to nap as well, or catch up on blogs or watch a show.

Eleanor is still an amazing big sister to Ru and smothers her in kisses and squeezes every day. Ruthie seems to enjoy Eleanor’s attention and will smile up at her. Speaking of big sister, I really ought to do updates of her still. She is so funny and keeps me on my toes!

Well, I know this update is late. I’m just glad I got it out at all before Ruthie turns five months old! The idea of having two daughters really came alive this month and I started to notice how much Ruthie just fits into our world. I really fell in love with her this month.

four months 2

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