What I Ate Wednesday

Good morning! I hope your day started with smiles. Mine started with Ru’s cries at around 5:30am. Tell me it isn’t so. Let me sleep child. I finally coaxed her back to sleep but wound up wide awake so I started my day. Coffee in hand I decided to curl my hair with all the extra time this morning. This post isn’t really about today, however. Let’s recap Tuesday’s eats:

Breakfast: sips of Eleanor’s smoothie along with two fried eggs and leftover roasted eggplant. A winning combo, don’t doubt.

Lunch: salad with Brianna’s Balsamic and leftover veggie meatballs with sauce and watermelon

Snack: enchilada filling as I made dinner. Also, I licked the bowl clean after making our dessert

Dinner: enchiladas with sweet potato and black bean filling. I used Frontera Green Enchilada sauce and this recipe for tortillas.  They worked perfectly.

Dessert: handfuls of kettle corn at Bekah’s house, then this delicious mousse when we got home. I melted together coconut cream, almond butter and cocoa butter with a little maple syrup then poured into cups and placed in the fridge. Hours later a rich and creamy mousse. Alex really loved it too!

I can’t get enough fruit lately! This summer heat is making me want all the watermelon! I’m also enjoying cherries by the handful. I love this time of year.

On days I can’t make it to the gym I have been doing T25 workouts from home. Yesterday Alex joined in so we went to the gym to check the girls into child care and utilize one of the open exercise rooms. I am always blown away by how hard a 25 minute workout can be.  Alex and I were both huffing and puffing about it hours later. Today I’m skipping the gym for an appointment so I’m going to try to squeeze in another T25 workout.

Have you tried T25? How do you feel about working out at home? It is so hard to get motivated and put on my workout clothes if I’m just at home. Even doing a video on my phone at the gym makes a big difference!

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