There has been so much going on lately and yet I’ve hardly had the chance to keep track of it all. Ruthie is jumping through milestones, Alex started a summer internship, Eleanor is becoming more and more fun every day, and me…well I’m just trying to keep it together.


We are about to leap right into two things: sleep training and solid foods. We know she’s ready for both but are trying to hold on to our baby for just a few more weeks. She’s waking almost every hour at night wanting to nurse but not very hungry. I think we need to teach her how to settle herself back to sleep. I realize sleep training is pretty controversial. I actually didn’t think we would do it with Ruthie. However, I can’t think of a way around it. And we did sleep training with Eleanor and I’m happy to report that she is not scarred for life.

Ruthie is desperate for all the food. She watches us so intently as we eat and literally begs for our food. I know she’s ready. She can sit up on her own and sits very well in a high chair. She has great hand-mouth coordination. Currently everything goes straight into her mouth. So physically she is capable. Just like we did with Eleanor, we plan to use Baby Led Weaning to introduce solid foods. In the last week we have given her licks or tastes very sporadically and I can tell she is excited for real food!


Baby’s first avocado.



Loves food, blowing bubbles, dance parties, her baby sister, swimming and movies.

Doesn’t love going home, nap/bed time, and doing anything she doesn’t want to do.

Lately we have been playing outside, taking her to splash parks, going to the pool, hanging out at the library and watching lots of movies. We have mostly good days and we are getting along great. Occasionally I get frustrated with her, mostly at how rough she can be with Ruthie when she gets ramped up and I get really frustrated when she tells me “I can’t” all the time, but other than that she is a joy to be around. And I’m just learning to adjust my expectations.



This guy works so incredibly hard. He has a full time job, a part time job and is in grad school. As a teacher, he has summers off and we were looking forward to so many fun adventures this year. Then he nailed an awesome summer internship that pays (woo-hoo) and will give him great experience to add to his master’s program. Then they turned the part-time internship into a full-time one so there goes our free summer (sad face) but how cool for him. We enjoyed just one week of summer vacation and now he is back to the grind. I couldn’t be more proud of him and I respect how incredibly hard he works every day!

And me:

Doing a lot of baby-wearing to get through the long hours alone with the girls.

I am also sticking to healthy eating and hitting the gym. I obviously had my share of ice cream while we were on vacation and have enjoyed many treats since ending the Whole 30 a whole month ago. I haven’t lost anymore weight…but I haven’t gained any either so there is that. I am feeling unmotivated but am not ready to give up on my goals. So I am pressing on. We started the Whole 30 again this week but then I promptly ate some cheese. Making the commitment is the hardest part. This time I have Alex doing it along with me so I’m hoping I can buckle down and make this happen. If I could do the Whole 30 and lose another five pounds I would be really happy. And once I’m going it’s easier to keep going. So maybe I would pull off a Whole 60 and make it to next goal. I’m being very noncommittal at this point though and need to just do it.

Seriously starting is the hardest part. While my diet has been lacking in some areas, I’m still sticking with a very active lifestyle. Apart from toting around the heaviest carseat on the market, and the chunkiest two year old ever (sometimes at the same time) I’m making it to the gym three or four days a week. Insanity is still my favorite class. I also really enjoy P90X and recently have fallen in love with Piyo. I went for the most epic bike ride two weekends ago, riding almost 40 miles! My longest ride to date. I also borrowed a mountain bike last week and hit the trail with my brother-in-law in the mountains last weekend. Alex and I have done two long swims in the last two weeks as well. I’m keeping it interesting and mixing it up every week and it feels good. While I haven’t reached my goal weight I actually think I am the fittest I have ever been. I feel really strong and that feels great.

So that’s us lately. Staying busy and trying to get enough sleep to make it through these long summer days. Cross your fingers sleep training goes well and we are all sleeping through the night very soon!

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