Weekend Scenes and Sleep Training Report

The weather finally dipped below 100 degrees this weekend. It has been sweltering hot here so mid 80s was a welcome reprieve. Even this morning was more mild than usual and we took full advantage playing outside.

We are sporting our Independence Day gear already. These girls have enough red, white and blue to last us all summer so we are busting it out early in celebration of the upcoming holiday. Bonus: Alex has off work Friday and all weekend! Just gotta get through Thursday.

This weekend we spent a ton of quality time together making only short trips in and out of the house to ensure Ruthie was able to take every single nap in her crib. We failed a few times allowing her to fall asleep in her carseat but always transferred her directly to the crib once we were home. So far sleep training is going pretty well. If we catch the timing just right she barely cries at all. And her earlier naps are always easier than the evening nap or bedtime. If she is over tired she has a much harder time putting herself to sleep.

Overnight sleep training is also coming along. As expected the first night was brutal and I spent most of it sitting on the couch scrolling facebook for endless hours. Each night has been better since. She still has several wake-ups in the middle of the night but is no longer expecting to nurse back to sleep. We usually wait 10 minutes before going in and then pop the pacifier in her mouth and she is right back out. I know some sleep training advocates don’t use the pacifier but we always did with Eleanor. At this point with Eleanor she only got the pacifier at bed or nap time and I think it worked to help trigger “time to sleep.” But until Ruthie gets better at popping it back in on her own we may be dealing with middle-of-the-night wake-ups a while longer.

Evidence sleep training is working…look at that smile. That looks like a well-rested baby!

Last night Alex handled all the wake-ups so I didn’t get out of bed once! I still woke up each time but just rolled over and went right back to sleep. Never underestimate the power of full-night’s rest. Glorious!

I leave you with just one more photo from our weekend:


I am on an ice cream kick like whoa! There is just something about summer and ice cream dates with Eleanor. If I could do it every day I would. So this weekend I froze a bunch of bananas and made a giant batch of banana soft serve, topped with “sprinkles” (chia seeds) and “chocolate shell” (coconut oil and cocoa powder mixed) and the whole family gobbled up our “ice cream.”  I am thinking we may have to turn this into a Sunday evening ritual. Maybe the promise of banana soft serve each week will keep me away from the Bruster’s drive-thru!

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