Fourth of July 2015

Happy Independence Day! This is probably one of my favorite holidays. It’s all laid back and relaxed. No gifts. No pressure. Just simple summer fun.

This year was dampened (see what I did there) just a bit by several large thunderstorms, but we didn’t let it get us down. I made sure the girls were dressed to the nines in their red, white and blue with matching hair bows and painted nails and we set out for some fun.

Our first stop for the weekend was Ultimate Ales where I found my favorite beer on tap: Wicked Weed Coolcumber. I hurriedly drank mine down and it was the perfect note to start off the celebrations. From there we headed to our local YMCA for their Summer Celebration Festival. We set up the chairs, met up with our friends and managed to eat our picnic dinner before the storm hit. While I didn’t capture any pictures of our food this weekend, it was a serious highlight! We chowed down on homemade chicken salad and sweet potato salad, watermelon and lots of Pirate’s Booty. My drink of choice Friday night was a little cocktail of Sweet Tea Vodka mixed with Lemonade. The perfect summer drink.

Once the storm hit we beelined to our car nearby. The girls played in the backseat while the adults continued to drink our beverages in the shelter from our back hatch and giant golf umbrellas. We waited out the storm for over two hours before we were treated to a beautiful fireworks display. The rain literally stopped just in time.

Saturday started slow. The girls slept in (woo-hoo!) and we enjoyed bacon and eggs and cantaloupe for breakfast. We took it easy for most of the day and let the girls watch movies and nap before we headed to Davidson for their Fourth of July celebration. We arrived just in time to watch them raise the giant American Flag from the fire truck. We watched the goofy little bike parade and then set up another picnic while listening to live music. Another great feast awaited: bbq pulled chicken, green apple coleslaw and more sweet potato salad and chips. We made a deal that we would not fight off any rain if it came our way, so when the storm clouds threatened we packed it up and headed back to the car. After an ice cream pit stop we were home in time for the girls’ bedtime.

After they were snuggled into their beds Alex and I played out the rest of the holiday sipping wine on the back porch. Relaxed.

Sunday morning the girls slept in again (whaa!!) and then just Eleanor and I headed to church while Ruthie napped. After church we all headed to Alex’s moms for another fun celebration. They grilled chicken and veggies and sausage, served with corn, pasta salad, coleslaw and more. For dessert we had poundcake with fruit and whip cream and grilled peaches with vanilla ice cream and red, white and blue strawberries. It was all beautiful and delicious and we left completely full. But that didn’t end our weekend fun. We drove straight over to our friends’ house to cheer USA on to a World Cup victory, eating more wonderful grilled food, potato salad and sipping wine.

Seriously I am so exhausted just reminiscing on all the fun (and food) we had this weekend. In true Monday fashion I headed to the gym for a grueling double header of Insanity and Piyo. I worked up a giant sweat and appetite and am now home relaxing while the girls are napping. Oh, did I mention they slept in till 8:30am again today?! Seriously! Sleep training you rock my world. There is no way we could have survived this weekend without all the amazing sleep we had (and yet I’m still tired!)

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