Ruthie Jeanne Five Months Old

ruthie jeanne five months

Look who is five months (and a lot of days) old! Ruthie is getting so big and every day brings us more and more joy. Look at that incredible smile! (I know I keep saying that)


This month was full of new milestones for Ruthie. She is sitting up now. Tentatively at first, but confidently now. She takes baths with Eleanor now sitting up in the tub and it is so much fun to watch her splash and play with her big sister. Eleanor can sometimes be too rough, she doesn’t know her own power. But Ruthie takes it all like a champ. She gives Eleanor these questioning glances, not quite sure what to make out of her antics. But sometimes Eleanor manages to make her laugh and smile.


Ruthie was baptized on June 7th. It was a gorgeous day. Many of our friends came to church with us. We hosted a giant potluck after to welcome Ruthie into God’s family. Our church is incredibly supportive and loving of our little family. They are so important to us, especially since most of our family is a thousand miles away.


This month I traveled to Missouri with the girls but left Alex behind. So we scooped up our favorite babysitter, Sarah, for the trip and it all worked out brilliantly. We also celebrated Ru’s “gotcha day” (the day we found out I was pregnant). We took our family to the park and out for fries and a coke in remembrance of my pregnancy. Those nine months were not fun at all, but the five since then have been amazing!


We took Ruthie swimming for the first time this month…and many more times since. She loves the water as long as it is not too cold. She will sit up and splash and watch her big sister play. We have dunked her under a few times and while she is surprised she doesn’t seem too mad at us!


This little girl brings so much joy and light into our lives. She is probably the smiliest baby I’ve seen (and Eleanor was pretty smiley!) When she is happy she is SO happy. But when she is upset, she makes it known. Ruthie is incredibly persistent. She will fight sleep until she is blue in the face. And when she gets tired of her carseat the whole car sure knows about it.


Ruthie is so active and alert these days. She loves to play. We traded in the swing for an exersaucer this month and she loves it. She is content in there for nearly an hour some days. Her favorite toys include Sophie the Giraffe and our little Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes toy. These are both serious must-haves for four to six month olds. I don’t know what it is about the giraffe. We didn’t have it with Eleanor. But it is absolutely her favorite. It must just be the perfect size and texture for her little hands and mouth.

Also this month we switched over from the bassinet/co-sleeping to a Rock N’ Play. It felt like a silly move since we knew we would be sleep training soon and would only use it for a month. But for that month it really helped our sleep. She still nursed as frequently but we all slept much better with her in the Rock N’ Play.


I am not going to dwell on eating and sleeping much here. It really wasn’t any better than last month. But spoiler alert: it has all changed now and I’m excited to write more about it in our six month update.

Ruthie is such a fun addition to our family. And now she is getting older she is so playful and fun. Life is really starting to find its rhythm and I can’t help but think that our family is complete. My two girls completely rock my world and I am really loving being a mom of two right now. I would not be ready to add to our family anytime soon but I’m leaning on God to help us decide how to move forward. I love that God was completely in control in timing our babies and creating our family and I trust him to provide best for us.


(Eleanor wanted in on the picture taking this morning!)

ruthie jeane 5 months

I just can’t get enough of Ruthie! She is the sweetest, best thing in the whole wide world. I love you Ru!

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