Things I Am Loving

This is a great way to throw a bunch of random thoughts into one cohesive post.  These are the things I’m loving today…

1. Family Time

My mom, brother and nephew pit-stopped at my aunt’s house in South Carolina on their way home from Florida. Me and the girls jumped in the car and drove the three hours to meet them for a fun mid-week rendezvous. We spent most of our time at the pool. Eleanor warmed right up to her Oma and Uncle Will and everyone got major Ruthie cuddles. I’m exhausted. Naps were completely thrown off and Ruthie woke several times in the night…but it is always worth it for quality family time.

2. My new Loft Arrow Joggers

The sizing on these seem a bit funky to me. The XS was definitely too small, and the Small seems to be a bit too big. Nonetheless these have quickly become my favorite go-to wardrobe staple. They are cute and comfy. And maybe not the most flattering fit for my body but I’m still in major love. I am going to be looking for several more pairs for my fall capsule wardrobe!

3. Instashops

I have been finding all sorts of new Instagram feeds to follow and most of them are small homemade shops and brands with fun, conscientious clothing lines. This line by The Light Blonde is one of my favorites. Also a boutique in Nashville called Vinnie Louise, adorable and affordable clothes! I am just glad there isn’t a “Buy Now” button on Instagram or I’d be in big trouble!


4. Family photos from my recent trip to Missouri

Sorry for the less-than-stellar photo quality…but these latest pictures I received from our dear friend/babysitter Sarah capture the essence of life perfectly. Trying to snap a picture of my siblings and all our kids is not an easy task. However, I love the candid nature of these photos!  Looking at these pictures make me wonder if I don’t want more kids. It is so much fun having three siblings.

Well that pretty much catches up all my random phone photos. Hope everyone has a fun weekend!

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