Monday Moves

Ahh, the start of another week. Here are some things I’m doing this week to shake things up…

Sleep training has gotten the better of me. I now fear for my life if I try to interrupt our schedule, so I have adjusted my workout routine and am trying something new. I just signed up for my 14-day free trial with Burn Bootcamp and attended my first class at 8am this morning. Alex doesn’t start work until 9am so it gives me just enough time to hit the gym and get home to take over kid duties.

He may not appreciate this picture, but this was my view as I headed out the door this morning. Such cuties!


I loved my bootcamp style workout this morning. It was intense and sweaty and I am already looking forward to tomorrow. I love that it is different every day, but the same time and place. I am hoping that these two weeks will give me a little more exercise motivation and consistency.

Apart from the gym this morning I have not left the house at all today. The girls were on completely different nap schedules and pretty much from morning until now one of them has been sleeping at all times. I am going to try to stay home most days this week, taking advantage of not having to drag them to the gym with me. I am hoping this will continue to help our sleep training efforts. Ruthie is still doing pretty well with nights, although she was up a few times last night. But her naps are all over the place and not very long.

Other things I have been up to…

Not doing the Whole 30. We eat ridiculously healthy around here for most meals and snacks. Seriously. If I occasion to have wine or beer this summer or an ice cream cone, I don’t want to be angry with myself. I’m tired of these sticky 10 pounds but I am also tired of stressing over a little alcohol or sugar. I know, last week I announced we were starting it, and this week I’m announcing that I am not. Maybe next week I will be back at it again. Womp, womp.

On a more positive note, I took my bike out for a long (to me) ride on Saturday with my friend Emily. We covered 36 miles with a group from Coolbreeze Cyclery. It was hard but amazing. It feels good to push myself to my limits. Just like marathon training, I get so nervous before these long rides. I could hardly eat on Saturday morning but I choked down sweet potato hash and eggs and turkey sausage and all the food helped fuel me through an almost three hour workout! A huge thanks to my hubby for making the time for me to escape like this.

And in random thoughts…I am finally caught up on all six seasons of Pretty Little Liars. Now I am stuck waiting week to week for new episodes. My guilty pleasure of choice.

And last, I have started pinning ideas for my fall capsule wardrobe. So far, here’s what I’m liking: ethical clothing lines, easy wear items, lots of t-shirts, and expensive shoes and designer jeans. I am not sure how many items will make it into my actual capsule but if you want to check it out go here.

Ok, that’s all for a Monday. Have a great night!

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