Eleanor Photo Project

A year ago I started a new tradition. My sister-in-law told me about a woman who photographed her daughter every year in her wedding dress. What a neat photo montage to have on your daughter’s wedding day…or just to have. So last year I pulled my dress out from the back of the closet and captured these fun pictures:

…and yesterday I finally got around to pulling out my dress once again. Eleanor already looks so beautiful in it! I wonder if she will think the dress is hideous or gorgeous when she grows up? Maybe she’ll ask to wear it. That is, if we don’t tear it up in our yearly photo sessions.

Other fun things to do with your wedding dress…trash it! Or just jump in the lake in it!


Question…should I hold the same tradition with Ruthie using my dress? Or any other fun ideas to do for daughter number two? As a second daughter I want Ruthie to have all the same experiences and memories and traditions that I hold with Eleanor. But maybe there is a different one I can start with Ruthie, so they each have their own unique tradition. Thoughts?

Happy Monday all! I hope you made it through. We are just hours from bedtime and I’m looking forward to some quiet time once the girls are in bed.

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