Case of the Mondays


We may be having such a hard day because our weekend was so fun. Maybe also because it was the first day back to work for teachers in our area…that includes Alex. While he worked all summer for an internship, going back to teaching, AKA- the real world, is still a hard adjustment. It’s the official end of summer.


Our weekend began with a fun celebration. First I dragged the girls on a million errands so I could set up a fun date night-in for Alex.


I wanted to reward Alex for working so hard this last year. He has carried three different jobs while taking classes toward his master’s degree and also caring for his family. I don’t know how he does it all, and does it so well!


I baked brownies and bought a bottle of champagne and fought Friday night rush hour traffic to buy him a new watch which he LOVES (pats self on back)! I put the girls to bed before he got home from work so we could just celebrate together. I love Alex so much. I’d love him even if he didn’t work so hard. He is truly one of a kind. I am so lucky to have him and I praise God for Alex every day.


We woke up slow on Saturday (phew, too much champagne). We stayed in our jammies and played for as long as possible. I snuck out for a boot camp sweat session and it absolutely killed me! #blametheburn


And after we were all finally up and ready to move about we met friends at the leisure pool in Statesville for some fun in the sun.


Saturday afternoon the girls napped while Alex and I relaxed around the house. That evening we headed over to a friend’s house. to celebrate their daughter’s birthday.

We chowed on hotdogs and sliders, watermelon and chips. And of course cupcakes.


Eleanor ran around with the kids. She was soaked and dirty by the time it was dark and time to go home. Both girls slept hard that night!


On Sunday Alex and Eleanor went to church while Ruthie napped and I enjoyed some downtime. While Alex played disc golf with a friend after church I took the girls to meet friends at the splash park. Late afternoon naps meant I had time to meal plan for the week so I sent Alex grocery shopping when he returned. With Eleanor in tow he also stopped by the movie store and grabbed a pizza so we could resurrect our movie night tradition.


And in other weekend news, Ruthie can now pull herself up to sitting all on her own!


Ah, it was a good last weekend of summer. While I watch everyone else busy for the start of a school year, I am at least happy that the only one we need to shop for and prepare is Alex. It is hard enough sending him off! So we continue to plow through this Monday, hoping tomorrow will bring a little more light.

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