Getting away from the kids

I don’t get out much. But in the last week or so I have been spoiled with “me” time. I’ll admit it isn’t easy for me to leave the girls. I have plenty of people I trust leaving them with, but I miss them too much when I’m away. And I worry. This week I just realized Ruthie has ever only been away from Alex and me exactly four times. I actually feel a little proud of that. I like being with her. But I also like getting out and having my hands free!

Thursday night I got out for a girl’s night with Chrissy. I drank too much wine, regretted it the next day, thanked my lucky stars Alex was off work on Friday, but generally had the best time ever. It felt good to just be a little wild!

Saturday morning Chrissy had Eleanor over for a play date with her daughter so Alex and I got to enjoy Ruthie all to ourselves. We went out to an amazing breakfast and did a little back-to-school shopping.

Shrimp and Grits Eggs Benedict from Sun Up Cafe, the best new breakfast spot in Lake Norman (in my humble opinion).

We don’t eat out much anymore. It’s just not as enjoyable with a busy toddler and a schedule-dependent baby. But having just one kid in tow felt like easy, breezy!

Tuesday night Alex bought us tickets to the Charlotte Knights Game. So for the first time in forever, both girls stayed home with a sitter and we had a real date night. Just the two of us.  

We had dinner at Alexander Michael’s in the Fourth Ward and then drove to the BB&T Ballpark in downtown Charlotte. Parking was a breeze and we walked right in to our front row, first base line seats.

The game went by way too fast and the Knights won by a long shot and soon we were strolling the city hand-in-hand and contemplating our next move.


We drove back to Mooresville for dessert and a glass of wine at Epic. I know it sounds pun-ny but how epic is this piece of cake?!

It was probably the size of my head. We didn’t even finish half of it. Consequently we didn’t even finish half of the glass of wine either. I guess we were just done. So we headed home for bed like the old couple we are.

In other Kummerow news…


Ru is seconds away from pulling up to standing. Like any day now.



Eleanor can actually draw “pictures” not just scribbles. Cool, eh? I think so.

Anyway, we’ve been having an awful lot of fun lately and so my posting has been so sporadic and more photo-dump in nature. Maybe now that we are moving into fall I’ll try to make regular posting a thing.

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