New Beginnings

Isn’t Spring supposed to be the season of new beginnings? Or even a New Year? So then why does the beginning of Fall have me feeling all fresh and recovered? The obvious…Fall is my favorite time of year. Cool weather, pumpkin beer, long runs, boots and blue jeans, bonfires with friends. The list goes on. Beautiful colors, trips to the mountains, my anniversary, Eleanor’s birthday, apple picking. And Alex’s new job.


Can we all just breathe a collective sigh of relief? Especially those of you who have been praying with our family over the last several years. Right now we couldn’t be more blessed by God’s provision and Alex’s dedication. Yesterday he began a new job. This isn’t just a nice raise for our family. It is Alex pursuing a new career path, choosing something new that challenges and invigorates him. He has put everything into this, sacrificing sleep for late hours working on projects for his master’s degree, taking an internship this summer, working two jobs during the school year, all while being present at home for his family, still helping me out around the house when needed and doing it all without complaint. I’m simply amazed by Alex and his energy.

So now his new job will allow him to work less (if at all) at his part time gig. He will still be pulling late nights finishing projects for school, but it won’t be compounded by endless papers to grade for work. We have no idea yet what his work load at the new job will entail, but as far as we know he will get to work a standard 8-to-5. Also, it is just five miles from our house, so no more commute. When he texts to let me know he is on his way home…he is literally just minutes away, not 45!

Here is Ruthie cheering for her daddy!

If you remember a few posts back when I planned a special surprise Friday night date night in with champagne…it was to celebrate this special achievement. I am so proud of Alex and the work he put into job searching, interviewing, networking, and more.

And so Alex’s new beginning trickles down into new beginnings for us all. It’s time to settle into this stay-at-home-mom gig. I mean really settle in. It has taken all of seven months to realize that I don’t need a to do list. I just need happy children who are fed, and rested. I used to stress when they didn’t nap just right, or when our day didn’t go according to plan. But then I realized, what does it matter? There is no consequence to it. I don’t have work tasks I have to get done. So I’m learning to roll with the punches a little better.

Miraculously my children actually do nap pretty routinely and so while I’m not stressing over the bad days anymore, I am looking to add to our routine a little this fall. Namely, getting back into bible study, the gym and eating healthier. This summer has done nothing for my weight loss goals, but we had an awful lot of fun. Soon ice cream season will be over and I will no longer have the excuse to eat it every single day.  So I’m kicking off September with a membership to Burn Bootcamp. After my two week free trial last month I became hooked. I literally wouldn’t do any other workout. I love that I can choose any time of day and know what kind of workout I can expect. If my current 6:15am plan falls through I can bring the kids to the free childcare and go at 8am, 9:30am or even 4:30pm. Bootcamp makes me feel incredibly strong. The fast pace keeps my mind engaged and the camps absolutely fly by!

And of course I’m rolling with healthy eats. I have maintained great eating habits when it come to meals. Our family typically eats incredibly healthy for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It’s all the snacking in between that is killing my goals. So I’m trying to be more mindful of my snacking habits and cut out added sugars when possible. We are also loosely sticking to the Whole 30 diet with a little cheese and occasional grain mixed in. Truthfully, if I could get my snacking under control there wouldn’t be any need for food restrictions at all!

This new beginning already feels so good. So cue the cool weather, bring out the boots, send me all the pumpkin and let’s fall into fall!

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