Ruthie Jeanne Seven Months

Ru Jeanne Seven Months

My baby is growing too quickly.

I sound like a crazy person saying that. I wished away the newborn days, I dreamed of sleeping through the night and I couldn’t wait for her to sit up. And now we are here and I just want to stop time. Right here is where we can stay. In this perfect medium between neediness and mobility.


I honestly don’t think much about Ruthie as she grows up. I really believe I want her to stay right here forever. I know that I will love her each step of the way, but I can’t bear the thought of her growing up. Especially as I watch Eleanor whiz through milestones. I am 99.9% sure there will be more no more little Kummerow’s. So now that we are in the “sweet spot” I just want to stay right here. Sorry little Ru…I don’t want you to grow up.


Gah, look at that child’s smile. Basically she looks just like her daddy. I can’t get enough. She is all play, wiggle and routine. And I am all rested and energized. Here is what a typical day looks like:

  • 5:30am- nurse and put Ru back to sleep
  • 6:15-7am- I get my work out on!
  • 7am- wake up, nurse, eat breakfast- typically half a banana and any other fruit or veggies we have available. Sometimes I will make a pancake out of eggs, banana and coconut flour and she chows down!
  • 7:30-9am- play time, she usually needs very little attention and just plays on the living room floor or in the saucer on her own
  • 9am-10:30am- nap, I lay her down in her crib with her blankie and pacifier, we use white noise and she almost always falls right asleep with no fuss.
  • 10:30am- nurse, and usually we are out the door to the library, play group, park, errands, etc.
  • 11:30am- lunch, Ru will snack on sweet potatoes, or other cooked veggies. Sometimes I feed her a fruit and veggie pouch using a spoon.
  • 12:30-2pm- nap time. We will sometimes use the rock n’ play to ensure this is a good nap but we are trying to get away from that. In the crib she will sometimes fuss a little before falling asleep, depending on how well I have timed the nap.
  • 2pm- nurse, and more play time. She wiggles on the floor while big sissy watches a show and I relax a little or finish prepping dinner
  • 3:30ish- we go stir crazy, lately we have been taking a walk to check the mail or heading to the park for a little play time
  • 4:30-5:15pm- evening cat nap, this is the hardest but if I time it well she will still go down without a fuss, or I’ll use the rock n’ play which she likes better
  • 5:15pm- nurse, play on floor until dinner
  • 6pm- she eats dinner with us and will eat whatever we are having usually or some prepared sweet potatoes.
  • 6:30pm- bath if she gets one and bed time. She is almost always in bed by 6:30pm.

Ruthie’s schedule is so predictable. Some days we may take later naps or keep her up longer depending on our activities but we can pretty much follow this routine every day. I like getting out for bootcamp before the girls wake up so I don’t have to drag them to gym childcare. Not that they mind it, but it is exhausting packing up all of our bags and snacks. This morning when I got home from bootcamp everybody was still asleep in their beds. I grabbed a shower and a cup of coffee before Ruthie woke up.


We have watched patiently as Ruthie perseveres to reach new milestones. Watching her move from her belly to sitting up on her own was tedious. You could see the willpower to move radiate from her eyes. Several days passed watching her, willing her to back it up just right and then…bam! She got it. Seriously, it is so incredible to watch a child learn how to use their bodies. Such simple tasks you and I take for granted. Now that Ru can sit up on her own she has been having so much fun playing. She is still working on getting her crawling movement just right, but usually sticks her head on the ground and just pushes her body forward using her legs to get where she wants to go. It takes her awhile but I guarantee it won’t be very much longer until she is full on crawling.


While we were on vacation in Chicago, Ruthie’s Auntie and Cousin Jessi taught her how to wave. And now she has the clapping motion down as well. We are slowly teaching her signs for “all-done” and “more” and will add more soon. Ruthie is a very content baby. She smiles for everyone. I can’t think of a single thing she doesn’t like. She is a very well-tempered little girl. Although just recently she has started a very tiny bit of stranger danger. Every once in a while she will fuss if I hand her off. But so far it has only happened a couple times and never to daddy which is a win! I know that in the next month or two it could increase a little or a lot.

ru jeanne 7 months 2

Ruthie is still a blonde hair-blue eyed baby doll. She has all the perfect baby rolls and so far no teeth so we just get big gummy grins. She loves her pacifier and her Sophie Giraffe. She has been wonderful on not one, but two major road trips this month. She is entertained by singing. We sing her all sorts of songs all day long. And when she gets fussy we begin singing “Ru, Ru, skip to my Ru” and “Every little thing, is going to be alright. Don’t worry, about a thing…’cause every little thing, is going to be alright.” She always cheers up immediately. She gets feisty if we eat in front of her without feeding her too. And she adores her sister and cranes her neck to see her when they are sitting in the car together. Basically, life is just really wonderful right now.

Not to be outdone by her little sister, Eleanor had to get in the photo shoot too.


I am so proud of my big girl as we have made major potty training milestones. I have been so frustrated with potty training and finally feel like maybe, just maybe it will actually happen! Maybe I will write more about it later, or maybe I will just leave it at that to save Eleanor the grief of having her potty training mishaps recorded for history. This may be one of those stories I will be ready to forget!


Sweet, sweet sisters. They aren’t always sweet to one another, but they sure make me happy…most of the time.

Ru Jeanne 7 Months

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