So Long Summer

A quick Friday post for you: just a farewell ode to summer

We certainly lived it up this summer with lots of trips to the pool, splash pad and playground. We traveled to Missouri twice and Illinois once. We also made short trips to South Carolina and Asheville. It’s possible we were gone as many days as we were home. We made lots of time for play dates, family days, date nights and BBQs. With Ruthie in tow, this was our best summer yet. It was hectic, busy, long days, sleepless nights and lots and lots of potty training. So on our unofficial last day of summer we made one last splash at the pool, spent quality time with our besties and ate ice cream. Typical.

And for our last weekend of the summer: the mountains called to us so we spent a night at my Uncle Jimmy’s, hiked, BBQ’d, roasted marshmallows and drank wine.

It was just one last road trip before we call it quits for the season. These girls are troopers.   

So now we are all back-to-school (ahem Bible Study) and ready to move on with some fun fall plans. On our bucket list: camping, hiking, apple picking, bonfires, football, baking and a hay ride.

Time to get up and go…quite literally Ruthie. My how the time flies.

Farewell summer. Hello Fall!

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